How to Book On Southwest Airlines

Get ready to learn how to book on Southwest Airlines! Even if you don’t use their Costumer of Size Policy, this hack will help you get a little more space. Southwest Airlines has been in the news a lot lately for their Customer of Size Policy. Although the policy is 30 years old we’re excited to see it getting the attention it deserves. We hope that this media blitz inspires other airlines to consider the needs of fat travelers more. 

Southwest Airlines is a pioneer when it comes to travel inclusivity and we appreciate that they try to accommodate us. Since the Customer of Size Policy can be a bit confusing we’ve shared how to Navigating Southwest Airlines’ Customer of Size Policy along with Tips for Flying with Southwest Airlines as a Customer of Size.

To book the best Southwest flight you have to know about the different airplanes available. Southwest uses three types of aircraft from the Boeing 737 family. The Boeing 737-700 is older. The 737-800 is newer and more spacious. The most spacious is their newest aircraft, the 737 Max 8. The tray tables are shorter on the Max 8 so it’s actually comfortable to have down as a plus size traveler.

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During the Booking Process 

To find out which Southwest aircraft is assigned to a flight during the booking process click on the flight number.


Your aircraft info should pop up. 


After You’ve Booked

If you’ve already booked your Southwest flight your itinerary will have your aircraft information.


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