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Fat Girls Guide is made up of 5 women based around the world. They are considered the core group of writers for The Fat Girls Guide and all have their niche of things they love to talk about. Click on their name to get to know them a bit better and see their recent posts!

Annette Richmond
Fat Activist + Award-Winning Writer
📍in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Editor-in-Chief of @thefatgirlsguide
Creator of @FatGirlsTraveling
Our go-to writer for all things Fashion, Activism, and Travel

Amanda Wilkinson
Former digital nomad 🌍
📍in Bristol, United Kingdom
Founder of @whilefat
Managing Editor for @thefatgirlsguide
Our go-to for all things Books, Europe, and Food

Samantha O’Brochta
Creative Digital Media Strategist 🖥
📍in New York City, USA
Founder of @the.sam.aesthetic
Contributor for @thefatgirlsguide
Our go-to for all things London, Solo Travel and Diversity & Inclusion

Chantel Loura
Digital Nomad & Body Positivity Activist 🌏
📍in Lisbon, Portugal
Founder of @Voyaging Vagabond
Contributor for @thefatgirlsguide
Our go-to for all things Fashion, Positivity, and Portugal

Bianca Vaccarini
Clocking in at her 9-5 then maximizing her PTO.
📍Los Angeles, CA
Blogger at
Local adventurist and curator of good eats.
Our go-to for all things Fashion, Disney and Food

We also accept submissions from guest writers so if you are interested please go here or email!

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