The reviews are in, and people love to travel with Fat Girls Traveling! From our Fat Camp retreats to our plus size group trips this is what people have had to say about traveling with us.


“One of the best weekends of my entire life. The memories and friendships I made during this trip will last me a lifetime and I am forever grateful. Looking forward to next year and the pictures!” ~ Bethany


“I had such an amazing time at Fat Camp this year. This is my second time attending and I have yet to be disappointed. Not only does Annette curate a well rounded trip, she remembers small touches that make you feel special. there was wine tasting, sailing, impromptu singing, drag queens and nightly chats by the fire. Most importantly, I got to be in community with some incredibly lovely women and can’t wait to do it all again. I’ve become accustomed to treating myself to this yearly excursion and look forward to what Fat Camp offers in 2024.” ~ Erica


“I would follow Annette literally anywhere, secure in the knowledge that its gonna be lit. That’s it! That’s the review.” ~ Brittany


“This was an amazing trip that I will never forget! Annette takes such care in planning all aspects of her trips. Our driver was kind and helpful, breakfast was delicious, the scheduled daily plans were awesome, and I enjoyed every aspect of it. This was the first time I went on a trip that I didn’t plan myself, and tbh I had some apprehension about that beforehand. However, this trip was so much better than if I had planned it myself! Annette’s insider knowledge and extensive research is really what helps make these trips so amazing. Can’t wait for the next one!” ~ Autumn


“A truly amazing experience! I felt comfortable, seen, and supported. Annette did such a brilliant job at curating a fantastic getaway in the Finger Lakes. The food was magnificent. The entertainment was outstanding. Our activities were well paced and inclusive. Most importantly, the other attendees were a delight. I plan to travel with Annette again in the near future!” ~ Jasmine


“Such a great time! Annette is a wonderful organizer and it was so nice to experience this trip!” ~ Katie


“Had a really great time on the Bali Body Love trip!!! I loved the experience- the accommodation was fantastic, our driver was helpful and great. Met some awesome ladies on the trip including the host Annette. I feel like the size of our trip helped us to easily establish a connective vibe. We did at least one awesome thing each day and when we were tired and ready to call it a night we were all pretty in sync which doesn’t always happen in leather groups. I have memories to last a lifetime. Bali was fantastic, the local people generally friendly and kind. As a fat girl traveling I was apprehensive about traveling and being seen as someone to stare and gawk at because I’m a person of size, person of color, my hair, etc etc. and the only time I felt like it was an issue was from tourists not locals. Having 3 fierce women having my back and knowing I had theirs was uplifting. It was a step out on faith and it paid off in full. Thank you for the amazing experience I will never forget.” ~ Crystal