Five Power Poses

Traveling is not only a chance to make memories and learn about different cultures. It’s also an opportunity to take some gram-worthy photos! One of the things we promote at Fat Girls Traveling is stepping in front of the camera and embracing your beautiful body. We know it can seem daunting, so we collaborated and created Posing 101, five power poses you can add to your repertoire. If you’re feeling stuck in a posing rut, use one of our tried and true go-to’s.

Don’t Smile, Laugh

“You never want to look like your phoning it in. Especially not when you’re visiting one of the most beautiful places in the world. So laugh instead of smiling! It looks more natural and shows that you’re genuinely enjoying yourself.” – Annette

Hold The Door

“A door or window is fantastic for framing and provides a fun background. It also works with any outfit and if you are a bit self-conscious it can be a buffer.” Amanda

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Take A Seat

“One of my favorite go-to’s is sitting on something. A lot of bigger people are afraid to sit because it can make our rolls more noticeable. I think it can be artfully done to hide your insecurities if need be. Whether it’s a ledge, off-center bench, or brick wall overlooking the city — I’ll switch it up by turning to the side, bending my legs to make angles and turning my back to the camera (personal fave).” Bianca

Use Sunglasses To Your Advantage

“As someone who can never get their face right in photos without a million takes, sometimes all it takes to land a good shot is to add a simple accessory; a pair of sunglasses. Even if your makeup is on fleek, sometimes your eyes can betray you and cause an otherwise awesome picture to look totally wack and unusable. Putting on some sunnies can make sure your eyes don’t take away from the image and can hide any odd expression you may accidentally be making without realizing it. Plus, they make any photo look super chic and up your fabulous level without barely even trying. If you can’t seem to get any good photos due to whatever your face is doing against your will, sunglasses will surely make up for that and give you a little assistance in your travel pics.” Sam

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I'm home with my family for a few weeks and discovering places in my hometown I never knew about. I had no idea there was this gorgeous lavender field nearby. I just had to go take some shots there with my sister. I also had a yellow dress that gave me Beyoncé vibes so I had to wear it to compliment the purple 💜💛 Is there a place where you live that you have yet to explore? 📷@faith.obrochta • • • • • • #traveldiary #travelmore #traveldeeper #travelnow #travelling #traveltips #traveltime #travelnoire #travelquote #traveljunkie #wanderlust #beautifuldestinations #traveltheglobe #internationaltravel #travelfun #travelphotographer #mytravelgram #travelgram #travelbloggers #femaletravelbloggers #lavenderfield #lavenderfields #whidbeyisland #whidbey #blackgirlstravel #blackgirlstraveltoo #browngirlstravel #pnw #pacificnorthwest #pnwonderland

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Baby Got Background

“I find backgrounds that speak to the different levels of my extrovert/introvert personality. First I decide what part of myself I want to let shine, then my pose forms around that. A colorful, vibrant background naturally makes me want to twirl around with an ear to ear smile on my face. Whereas quieter, cozier circumstances warrant taking a seat, self-reflecting for a moment and soaking in the journey. Posing comes secondary because I really just want to capture that moment on film and translate those feelings. There are times when I have no idea what to do with my hands, or how to stand. Or I wonder how to make my arms look smaller, or which way I can shift my legs to make it seem like I have an hourglass figure. But then I just take a deep breath, shake it out, remind myself that doesn’t matter and take it from there.” – Chantel

Challenge: Try not to have someone standing in front of you. Some us feel like having someone else’s body cover a portion of ours will make us look smaller, but in fact it makes it look like we’re hiding. There’s no need to block your body. Embrace every inch of yourself and dare to stand out.


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