Plus Size Festival Guide

If you’re a plus size babe heading to a music festival, check out this Plus Size Festival Guide. We’re sharing the tips and tricks we’ve learned after years of festival-going. From the best anti-chafing products to fanny packs with adjustable straps, we’ve got you covered. These are just the essentials, so stay tuned for more plus size festival must-haves.

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Register now for pre-sale tickets to the festivals you want to attend next year. Some festivals have sold out during the pre-sale. One of the benefits of snagging a pre-sale ticket is the payment plan option.

Walk it out. New shoes can kill the vibe and your feet at a festival. If you plan on ordering shoes for the show wear them around the house with a couple pairs of socks to wear them in.

Listen to the lineups. There will be multiple stages at the festival and you might not be familiar with everyone performing. Listening to a playlist featuring a mix of key performers is a great place to start. Search the name of the festival and year on YouTube after the lineup has been announced to find some playlists.

The best thing about music festivals is that you get to see so many artists in one place. The overwhelming thing about music festivals is deciding which performances to watch and skip. Festivals like Coachella link playlists that allow you to archive the artist, stage, and set time.


The trick is to start hydrating a few days before the festival. People are often already dehydrated by the time they start chugging Gatorade. Get plenty of electrolytes with these Liquid IV Packets. If you only take one thing away from this plus size festival guide, let it be this.

Hydration Pack

Hydration packs are allowed inside festivals as long as it’s empty of all liquid. Once you’re inside the festival you can fill it up at one of the hydration stations. Or in the bathroom in a clench!

Be Cool

You’ve secured the ticket, now it’s time to check out a map of the festival. Pay attention to where the Cooling Tents or Shaded Areas are. If you can’t find designated shaded areas be sure to make note of where the Medical Tents are. There’s usually a water station and some shade nearby.

Another option is to bring a parasol for some sun protection when you need it.


The most important thing to remember is that you need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. There’s nothing worse than getting sunburned on day 1 of a 3-day festival. Next, you need to decide which sunscreens you need. Yes, you’ll need more than one. First, you’ll need one that’s sweat-resistant and lightweight enough for your face. As well as this Face Mist that’s small enough to bring with you to reapply. You’ll want to apply this liberally before you leave for the day.

Black Girl Sunscreen

There’s even sunscreen formulated to protect the melinated. This duo protects the skin and lips.

Cooling Packs

We’ve been traveling with cooling towels for a while and we like that these are portable.

In a clutch, these cooling patches come in handy, but these cooling bandanas make a statement!


If you’re not getting this portable neck fan, at least get a fan that’s also a charger and a flashlight.

Portable Charger

Speaking of portable chargers, this one already has the cables, and this one charges in the sun.

Be Comfortable


What’s worse than chub rub? Absolutely nothing. Thick thighs save lives and so do anti-chafing products. Megababe is a classic and we love to see the Megaman option!

Body Glide is a great brand with products for her, the feet, and more. We’re also loving Hiki.

If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, Anti Chafing Shorts are the best way to protect your thighs.


Keep yourself looking, feeling, and smelling fresh with these wipes. These Acidified Deodorant Wipes have 24-hour odor control while these Megafresh Wipes are individually wrapped and perfect for intimate areas. These Shower Wipes are huge and will help you smell fresh and feel refreshed.


If the festival you’re attending is folding chair friendly like Nola Jazz Fest, here are some Chairs that Support 300+ Pounds. The standout is this Coleman Chair with a 600-pound weight limit.

Blankets + Towels

Check the fine print, because some festivals allow you to bring blankets while others might allow you to bring a towel. This Beach Blanket is cute, compact, and the perfect size for a few friends to share.

Regardless of if you have a chair or a blanket, you shouldn’t try to stand all day. Find a bench or sit on the ground when you need a break. Your feet will thank you at the end of the night.

Be Fashionable


Hats not only provide sun protection, but they can be the cherry on top of a great look. This Wide Brim Sun Visor adds a casual and retro vibe to a look.


Statement Sunglasses are a must and here are some of our favorite styles.

Something Sheer

This 3 Piece Mesh Set is a cute and casual take on the athleisure trend.

Turn up the heat in this Flame Mock Neck Mesh Top.

These Mesh Biker Shorts are sheer but look great worn over a bodysuit.

This Clear Crossbody Purse Bag helps bring the neon green from the flame top.

These Steve Madden Possession Shoes make a statement and match well with the other neon accents.

Country Glamour

Customize this DIY Rhinestone Western Hat to say whatever you want!

This Laced Up Bustier is available in up to 5X.

These Fringe Tassel Shorts are available in up to 4X.

These Glitter Rhinestone Cowgirl Boots are good for wide calves. We don’t know if they’re festival-ready.

Y2K Replay

Let’s set the mood with some Butterfly Hair Clips.

Then, transport back to the 2000s with this Butterfly Tank Top.

These Parachute Cargo Pants are cute, but keep in mind they have no stretch.

Complete the look with these Chunky Platform Sneakers.

Boho Babe

This classic Wide Brim Fedora has UPF 50+ UV Protection.

The super-long fringe makes this Crochet Fringe Top ideal for movement photos.

Pair the top with these classic jean shorts or these best-selling Levi’s Women’s 501’s.

These Teva Flatforms add a neutral pop of print to this look.

Emo Chic

This Strappy Ring Cut Crop Top is edgy and super sexy.

For extra coverage try this Asymmetrical Chain Strap Skort.

These Dr. Martens Softy T Boots add a pop of color you can incorporate with other accessories.

This Black Bamboo Parasol is the perfect final touch and will allow you to be a little shady.


This LED Headband is a showstopper.

Wear this Gold Chain Headpiece for a cool vintage vibe.

Face Jewels are a fun to add sparkle. These are easy to apply, like big stickers

There’s never too much Body Glitter Gel for a festival and this is the perfect texture.

Transparent Bags

Some festivals only allow transparent bags, which can feel like a pain. Unless you have super cute options like these. This Sling Bag is a standout because it’s adjustable and has a zipper pocket.

Fanny Packs

If your event allows bags that aren’t transparent, fanny packs are a great option for small personal items. Keep your phone, wallet, and other essentials in this adjustable Rhinestone Fanny Pack.

Did you find our plus size festival guide helpful? What other plus size festival questions do you have?

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