The Fat Girls Photo Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Getting away from it all is an important thing to do for one’s wellbeing. You can relax and get your mind off work, home life, or whatever you’re trying to escape. And a place where I wholeheartedly suggest for the curvy traveler is Tulum in Mexico. This beach town in Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula is an up-and-coming spot for visitors to get their Mexico fix. There’s amazing food, great beaches, and so many things to see. It’s also the perfect place to get in some amateur model shots, using all that the area has to offer. Here are some of the locations that will garner you the most picturesque backdrops for your Instagram photoshoots.

Casa Malca

Couches and armchairs as swings? Yes, please! This villa, formerly owned by drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar, has been transformed into a bougie hotel. However, you don’t have to stay here to take photos. If you walk in, the attendants will take you to the restaurant and bar and you can order cocktails, walk around, lay on a beach bed, and take photos in their courtyard.

Matcha Mama

This matcha and healthy food shop has two locations. One in the town center and one along the road to the beach. These shops are both equally Insta-worthy and also serve tasty drinks. Don’t be afraid to grab a matcha and sit on their swings as you drink.

Day Trip to Chichen Itza

A trip to the Yucatan Peninsula isn’t complete without a day trip to one of the new seven wonders of the world. This massive Mayan pyramid is worth a bus ride to visit and is so iconic, that you have to get a shot with it.

Grand Cenote

There are so many cenotes in Mexico, but if you’re going to visit one, make it the Grand Cenote. This beautiful spot is so perfectly blue and serene. Get your swim on for a bit and then take photos looking like a lagoon goddess.

Papaya Playa Project

If you want to avoid the public beaches and have a bit of the seaside to yourself, take a visit to this hotel. Again, you don’t have to pay the high prices to stay, but if you grab a meal or some drinks, you have access to the beach and can stay as long as you’d like.

Diamante K

For another secluded spot by the water, this bungalow hotel is actually open to the public to come hang at. We walked straight on in and there was no one monitoring anything so we relaxed in the hammocks and beach beds and watched the waves.

Tulum Ruins

And if you need more of an archeological fix, head to the ruins in Tulum for a chance to walk around the grounds of this ancient site. There’s a viewpoint at the top that will give you this great backdrop for photos.


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  1. Any recommendations for tour operators that are plus size friendly? Heading to the area in April 2020 and want to pick sightseeing tours where everyone in my group can be included (some seem to have weight limits posted). Thanks!

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