Gift Ideas for Your LGBT+ Valentine

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your Valentine or seeking inspiration? Look no further! We’ve handpicked these gift ideas that not only celebrate love but also champion the diversity of the LGBT+ community. What makes these gifts even more special? They are all owned and operated by individuals within the community, ensuring your purchase supports and uplifts!  

Embrace intimacy with Babeland

Image from Babeland

30+ years ago, Rachel and Claire founded Babeland out of frustration with the absence of female-operated and LGQTB+ friendly adult stores in Seattle. Since then the brand has consistently broadened its horizons, presenting an extensive array of products dedicated to sexual well-being. From BDSM paraphernalia and fetish accoutrements to lubricants, and lingerie, Babeland offers a diverse range of choices for intimate enjoyment.

Gift the joy of travel with VACAYS

Embark on a travel experience like no other with VACAYS, the epitome of inclusive and unforgettable cruises and resort getaways. Their guiding principle revolves around fostering complete comfort in one’s own skin, creating a safe and welcoming haven for travel enthusiasts.

Whether you’re navigating the diverse spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community, enjoying the journey solo or with a partner, and irrespective of your background, body type, or orientation, VACAYS opens its doors to a diverse and embracing tribe within its universe. Explore their upcoming experiences.

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Adorn them with Chouette Designs

Chouette Designs has earned our unwavering admiration for more than one compelling reason! Not only is Chouette Designs a cherished member of The Fat Girls Traveling Community, but they excel in creating exquisite, size-inclusive jewellery specifically tailored for our community. Each piece is a labour of love, featuring responsibly sourced diamonds and vibrant gemstones that reflect a commitment to meticulous craftsmanship. Proudly owned by women and members of the LGBT community, Chouette Designs draws inspiration from the vibrant city of San Diego, CA.

For the book lover

It’s no secret that book bans are dominating the nation’s culture wars, and LGBTQ+ books are some of the most challenged. As some states work to ban book bans themselves, why not gift your loved one a book from a Room of One’s Own? It’s a queer and trans-owned and operated indie bookstore that serves the Madison community. Plus, if you are local they host some amazing events!

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This Valentine’s Day, let your gifts resonate with love, inclusion, and meaningful connections.

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