Q & A with Isabelle Yong

We know that representation matters, and there is so little representation for plus size Asian women who are jet-setters and style stars. Isabelle Yong happens to be both, so we asked her a few questions to learn how she stays so fly and her essential travel tips.

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Fat Girls Guide
: Asia is known for not being very open-minded when it comes to bigger bodies/ fat people. How do you deal with that stigma?

Isabelle Yong: It took me a long time to block out the disdain comments with condescending tones about my appearance. I realized as long as I am comfortable with myself on this journey of self-love, all that matters is my opinion, not others.

FGG: What do you consider a “Fat friendly” country?

IY: Well this is tricky but I have to say Phuket, Thailand has to be the only country I’ve been to where I completely feel comfortable dressing the way I do without a second thought to my surroundings.

FGG: Favorite food destination?

IY: I’m biased to my home country, so it has to be Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But Italy, Spain & France is on my bucket list to eat from.

FGG: What are some of your must-shop plus size fashion brands?

IY: My top absolute go-to brands are Monki and Pretty Little Thing (Curve).

FGG: Favorite place for plus size swimwear?

IY: It varies depending on the collection they’re having H&M, Forever 21 & occasionally Asos.

FGG: Plus Size Influencers every Fat girl should know?

IY: Well, Ashley Graham is the most obvious choice but Jordyn WoodsIskra Lawrence, and Dana Patterson are my homegirls.

FGG: Secret packing tip?

IY: Try out all the outfits and see how you can mix and match your clothing you’ll never overpack. Plus always have a baggage scale on hand.

FGG: What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try while traveling but haven’t yet?

IY: Swimming with dolphins has to be at the top of the list.

FGG: Top five favorite countries and why?

IY: Israel, for its unique sense of Biblical & Historical sights.Alaska, the glaciers and waking up to the sea otters holding hands.Japan, the loving nature of people and culture not to mention their food. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I’m biased. Florida, well Disneyland obviously.

FGG: Window or Aisle?

IY: Both.

FGG: Something you never leave home without?

IY: My Phone & a Lip Gloss


Annette Richmond

Annette Richmond is an award-winning content creator, travel writer, public speaker and advocate. Richmond is an immigrant that splits her time between Mexico and the United States. The creator of the fat positive travel community Fat Girls Traveling is a native Californian. Annette got her start in the fashion industry working in trend forecasting and public relations. Her love for travel inspired her to start Fat Girls Traveling in 2017 which is where she and Amanda met. When she's not creating diverse travel, fashion, and beauty content for The Fat Girls Guide she is hosting Fat Camp retreats and fat positive tours. In her spare time you can find her speaking publicly and writing articles promoting diversity and inclusivity, recording her new podcast, or sipping a margarita on the beach. Richmond hopes to continue to inspire other marginalized people to see the world and be seen.

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