5 Ways to Say I Love You to Yourself

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that people either love or hate. Whether you hate or love the actual day itself doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show yourself some love whether you are single, partnered up or in an “it’s complicated” relationship. Loving yourself should always be a priority. So in honor of that here are 5 Ways to Say I Love You to Yourself this Valentine’s Day, and dammit everyday!

1. From Wishlist to Shopping Cart

So this might be a little materialistic but hey, ain’t nothing wrong with that! Think about that item that has been on your lust list for a while. Why not say “yes” and buy it for yourself. Wrap it up all pretty and open it on Valentine’s Day while drinking a glass of something bubbly. Isn’t it always an awesome feeling when YOU have bought yourself something you have been wanting? Or if you really want to splurge on yourself why not invest in a fat-friendly mattress



2. Invest In Me Time 😉

Orgasms make the world go around and bless it be that you don’t need anyone else to have one! All you need is a bit of music, a nice candle, and a locked door. Or maybe a toy and some porn,  whatever gets you going. Did you know having more orgasms can help boost your immune system? So do your part in not spreading the flu around. Not sure how to get to climax? Read these 8 Tips from Refinery 29!

3. Are You Supporting The Girls?

No really, are you supporting your girls in the best way? There is nothing better than buying a well-fitting bra. Better yet, there is nothing like splurging on a lingerie set or nighty to make you feel sexy. Now more than ever we have options as plus-size women. The below are just a few brands that are smashing it for all us plus-size babes. Remember, just because someone else won’t see it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it!

4. Make Your Body Feel Good

This can be anything from getting a massage and facial (check out Groupon for some deals) to having a bubble bath with some nice Epsom salts or even a Lush bath bomb. Stop at your local drugstore and buy a face mask while eating some chocolate. Lay down with a good book or listen to that podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to.

Buy yourself some nice sheets that feel like silk to lay on. Been stressed? Write it all out. Like Yoga? Go to a class or try something new like TRX or Zumba. There are so many ways to make your body feel good so do it! Not sure what to do? Try them all out and listen to your body, what leaves you feeling good?

5. Say I Love You

It might be cliche but look at yourself in the mirror and say I love you. List all the awesome things you and your body do together every dang day. Repeat as many days as needed but there is no one who will ever love you like yourself. Don’t you forget that!


Happy February loves! Don’t forget to share the love if you found any of these tips helpful on Pinterest or Facebook! 


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