Fat-Friendly Mattresses

We asked our Facebook Community to share what they thought were the most fat-friendly mattresses, and they had a lot of responses. We often have conversations about weight limits and fat-friendly products. One of the most important things you need to consider when shopping for a new mattress is your weight.

Your weight does influence your experience on each bed. Your mattress is responsible for distributing your weight and supporting your body along your spine so you can get the best sleep possible. Unfortunately, this often feels like a pipe dream for fat people. Until now! Here is some feedback from our community on why these fat-friendly mattresses work for them.

Big Fig

Maximum Weight Capacity: 1,100 Pounds

Price Range: $1,399 – $1,999

Ideal For: Back sleepers and stomach weighing over 230 pounds, Hot and sweaty sleepers, People that want a firmer, extra-supportive mattress, Shoppers who want a durable, long-lasting mattress.

20 Year Warranty

“100% BIG FIG!!! Omg, I don’t recommend much, but our bed changed our life! We used to love hotel beds now we can’t wait to get back home to our cozy bed! It was seriously a life changer!!!” – Erica H.

“I love my “Big Fig”! Especially as a stomach sleeper….I rotate it every six months and it’s held up well so far (plus the foundation box is incredibly solid).”

Sarah M.

” I love my Big Fig too, and I also love their adjustable base. I am mostly a stomach sleeper, sometimes side. It is very firm, so much that I was worried at first that I would have to send it back, but I adjusted to it and now sleep better than I did on my old mattress.” – Ann Marie B.

“I bought a big fig. It holds up well, but it’s a bit too firm for my liking. If I had to do it over I think I may have went with a Wink Plus.” Ashley L.

Winkbed Plus

Maximum Weight Capacity: 900 Pounds

Price Range: $1,149 – $2,049

Ideal For: Side sleepers, Hot and sweaty sleepers, People who frequently sit on or sleep near the perimeter of the bed, and Anyone looking for a balance between bounce, motion isolation, and pressure relief.

WinkBed Mattresses comes in four firmness options: Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and PLUS. Plus is best if weigh over 230 pounds

Lifetime Warranty

I love my Winkbed Plus. It’s specifically designed for folks over 250 pounds – Lindsey L.

“I have a WinkBed Plus and I love it. I love a super firm mattress and this one is perfect for me.” Alexandra K.


Maximum Weight Capacity: 572 Pounds

Price Range: $799 – $1,449

Ideal For: Side sleepers, Those who tend to run hot but like foam mattresses, People who tend to wake up due to mattress noise and/or motion transfer.
10 Year Warranty

“Love love love my Emma Hybrid mattress!” – Olivia W.


Maximum Weight Capacity: 1000 Pounds

Price Range: $699 – $1,299

Ideal For: Back and stomach sleepers who prefer firm mattresses, Hot and sweaty sleepers, People on a budget, Sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds.

10 Year Warranty

“I can’t recommend the Titan mattress enough, paired with a high weight capacity steel frame! Much cheaper than the Big Fig but has been supporting me over 2 years now without a dent. ETA: my queen size was about $850 total” – Kai L.

“I did a LOT of research 5 months ago and ended up choosing the Titan Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding. It’s incredible! I’m a large fat.”

– Julia S.

“Love my Titan. It was around 1100, I think? I’m ssbbw and I have insomnia but it really helps me. My boyfriend is like 300+ and a powerlifter and he sleeps SO good. Like sometimes he just comes over to sleep because he loves my bed that much.” Lucy S.

“I bought a Titan in 2019 and I love it, my only regret is not getting a bigger one! I have the firm style, and they usually go on sale for major holidays, anywhere from 20-30% off. They’re designed for plus size bodies and are made with latex for added support. They also had a warranty that I felt was fair. It came rolled in a box, and once the packaging was open, it was ready to use almost immediately. No funny odors. I have a full size mattress for myself and find that it’s easy for me to handle when I need to rotate it, and I’ve also been able to move it 4 times to different houses without trouble. I have mine on an 18” bed frame from Zinnus (? On Amazon) and it’s also made to support plus size bodies. Super happy with everything. I have arthritis, chronic back pain, and knee problems, and I definitely appreciate this mattress. Recently slept on a traditional mattress and was up half the night in tears from pain with the pressure points from the coils and lack of support. I tend to be a side sleeper. Also, I have the egg-carton style mattress topper on it, more so for added protection to the mattress itself. It makes the mattress pretty deep, but have found plenty of sheets to fit the bill.” Samantha M.

 “I’m also a superfat and the Titan Luxe has been awesome for me. I tried the Big Fig and it was awful- rock hard and hurt my back! I also tried the Helix Midnight Luxe which was comfortable at first but got worn out after a few months.” – Ally K.

Purple (Hybrid Mattress)

Maximum Weight Capacity: 600

Price Range: $1,499 – $2,998

Ideal For: Sleepers who suffer from pressure points and Hot and sweaty sleepers.

10 Year Warranty

“I’m a side sleeper and I love our Purple 4 mattress. The other plus size friendly mattresses I tried were too firm for me.” – Erica J.

My Purple Hybrid 4 is so amazing!

– Temple

Loom & Leaf

Maximum Weight:

Price Range: $1,049 – $2,776

Ideal For: People who seek a pressure-relieving mattress and Sensitive sleepers who share the bed.

15 Year Warranty

“I love my Loom & Leaf!” – Allison L.


Maximum Weight: 650 Pounds

Price Range: $499 – $1,199

Ideal For: Side sleepers, Couples, and Value seekers.

Lifetime Warranty

“I Love my Nectar!” – Kara H.

” My Nectar is magic.” – Megan K.

” My Nectar is magic.”

– Megan K.

“I like my Nectar, but I wish I had gone with something that has better edge support.” – Meranda G.


Maximum Weight: 600 Pounds

Price Range: $799 – $1,299

Ideal For: Side sleepers who want extra cushion, Couples who need above-average motion isolation to prevent sleep disruptions, and Socially conscious shoppers who prefer to support mission-driven companies.

10 Year Warranty

“I have a Leesa mattress and it’s awesome!” Kirsty L.

Brentwood Home (Oceano Mattress)

Maximum Weight: 650 Pounds

Price Range: $995 – $2390

Ideal For: Hot sleepers, People who want the bounce and edge support offered by innerspring coils, Eco-conscious shoppers, and Shoppers who want the benefit of a 365 night sleep trial.

25 Year Warranty

This is the mattress my plus size husband and I have and we are crazy about it. When we’ve had housesitters stay, they always comment on how comfortable the bed is. I had a Leesa before and had to get rid of it because I’m a side sleeper and kept waking up with aching hips. That doesn’t happen on my Brentwood Oceano mattress. Plus they have a one year sleep trial and lifetime warranty. Can’t say enough good things about it! In fact, I wish I was in it right now, LOL! – Jessica M.


Maximum Weight: 1000 Pounds

Price Range: $1399 – $3199

Ideal For: Customers who want a choice of firmness levels, Sleepers who prefer a well-rounded feel with a blend of features, and Shoppers looking for a 365-night sleep trial.

10 Year Warranty

“I’ve toyed with getting a Big Fig, I currently have a Luuf and just changed out my box spring and it’s been great.”

– Janika S.


Maximum Weight: N/A

Price Range: $895 – $1,695

Ideal For: Those who sleep on their sides or backs, People with aches and pains looking for relief, and Those who are easily awoken when their partner changes position.

10 Year Warranty

“We have a Casper and love it” – Katie C.


Maximum Weight: 1000 Pounds

Price Range: $699 – $1,449

Ideal For: Back and stomach sleepers, Hot and sweaty sleepers, Fat couples looking for a balance of springiness and motion isolation.

15 Year Warranty

“Helix Plus!” – Sha-Sha T.

“We have a Helix Midnight and at first I was so happy. But we’ve had it for 3 years now and in the first year, we started to notice a dent where my wife sits up. 3 years in, there are noticeable dents on both sides and a lot of divots where we lay. Before that we had a Sonno from DWR and I have no complaints, it was luxurious and I never felt my wife turn in bed.” – Denise B.

Tuft & Needle (Mint Mattress)

Maximum Weight: 1000 Pounds

Price Range: $745 – $1,395

Ideal For: Side sleepers, Those who tend to run hot on foam mattresses, and People who like a combination of responsiveness and motion isolation.

10 Year Warranty

“I love my Mint mattress from Tuft & Needle. I weigh about 300 pounds and my hubby is about 200 pounds and we both sleep very comfortably. We originally had a queen and have upgraded to the king, and the transition was seamless. Just love it. I haven’t slept so well in decades. I’ve enjoyed three years of painless sleep so far and it’s a miracle for me after decades of hip and back troubles.” Elizabeth S.


Maximum Weight: N/A

Price Range: $699 – $1,299

Ideal For: Couples of varying sizes and sleep preferences, Individuals looking for both bounce and pressure relief, and Shoppers looking for a luxury hybrid at an affordable price.

Lifetime Warranty

“I have a Dream Cloud mattress and I love it!” – Diana B.

“I have a Dream Cloud mattress and I love it!”

– Diana B.

We have the Dream Cloud. Love it! Hollie E.

Silk and Snow

Maximum Weight: 600-1000 Pounds depending on Model

Price Range: $600 – $1,450

Ideal For: Side sleepers, Partners with different position preferences, Those who tend to wake up when their partner moves, Those who prefer organic materials, and Shoppers on a budget.

15 Year Warranty

“Canadian company Silk and Snow! We went with the Organic mattress. But they have 2 fat friendly options. We have been using it since June 2021 and it is great so far. They do specify that you give your body 2 weeks to adjust to the mattress and it did take that but we are happy.Husband and I are super fats (I might be considered infinifat but I’m not sure of the exact category definitions as I type this).” Anna-Lisa W.

Bear Hybrid Mattress

Maximum Weight Capacity: 700 Pounds

Price Range: $1,248 – $1,998

Ideal For: Side and back sleepers, People who tend to sleep hot, Sleep partners with different weights who have different position preferences.

20 Year Warranty

‘I LOOOOVVVEE my Bear Hybrid mattress. Had it a few years and there is no sagging. I can sleep on my side with no hip or shoulder pain. Support and cushion. Can’t recommend it enough.” Lauren W.


Maximum Weight: 600-1000 Pounds depending on Model

Price Range: $887 – $2,296

Ideal For: People with more specific firmness preferences, Sleepers of any size and sleep position, Those who tend to run hot, Couples looking for a combination of pressure relief and bounce.

20 Year Warranty

“I adore my Saatva mattress! I’ve been really impressed with mine. I’ve had it right at a year now. For the mattress, box spring, frame, and 2 new pillows, I paid about $1,800 for a queen” Rosie J.

“We’re on our second Saatva Luxury Firm. We had the first one for 7 years. We paid about $1700 for a King.”

– Sarah W.


Maximum Weight: 660 Pounds

Price Range: $600 – $1300

15 Year Warranty

Only available in Australia

“I’m not sure if it’s available outside of Australia (a lot of the mattresses already suggested aren’t available here) but I got an Ecosa mattress about 10 months ago and love it. Firmness is adjustable and it’s super comfy!” – Tamara J.

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