A Fat Girl’s Work-From-Home Gift Guide

With more people working from home than ever before, if you don’t do it than you definitely know someone who does. Working from home has a lot of pros and cons, but it can at least be made better through some nice things that improve the experience. Here are 5 gifts to give to your favorite remote worker.

Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion

Image Credit: New York Times

Sitting on your bum all day can get quite uncomfortable, so what better way to treat the posterior than a well-made seat cushion that can change the way you sit at your desk.

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Hyggelight Growing Candle

Image Credit: Hyggelight

Lighting a candle can make a room feel hygge AF, so don’t let the idea of gifting it seem cliche. To make a candle gift extra special, choose something like Hyggelight’s growing candle. The label has seeds inside that you can plant inside jar after you’ve burned all the wax.

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Ring Light

Image Credit: Pinterest

A million video meetings a day will feel a lot more professional with a ring light to give a face a literal glow up. It’s also a great tool to have for photoshoots as a bonus.

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Comfy Loungewear

Image Credit: Torrid

Many people who work from home literally roll out of bed into their office, so on those days where they don’t have time to dress up, their sleepwear will have to double for business casual. Thankfully there’s lots of cute, yet comfy items from Torrid that can work for both.

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Body Positive Mug

Image Credit: Plantashop

Something that can help anyone get up and ready to work in the morning is obviously a cup of coffee. But it’ll make it a little more special if you have some plus-size representation in your cupboard.

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