3 National Trusts To Visit When In The UK

As the UK slowly beings to easy lockdown restrictions including the ability to drive somewhere and go for walks I thought I’d share just 3 National Trusts that I love. Please adhere to all guidelines and make sure you are able to visit these National Trusts. If you can, make sure to keep your distance and wash your hands!

What is the National Trust?

For 125 years the National Trust has been established to protect and care for places so people and nature can thrive. They look after the UK’s coastline, historic sites, countryside, and green spaces, ensuring everyone benefits.

Not only that but they look after one of the world’s largest and most significant holdings of fine art and heritage objects.  In addition, they can be seen preserving nature and the wildlife that live in it. They are a charity and rely on donations, yearly memberships, and entrance fee’s to provide these services.

As of 2020, there are over 500 National Trusts in the UK. Which means there is one for everyone!

Cheddar Gorge

I found myself spending two nights at Cheddar Gorge last January. I may or may not have picked it because it is known for its, you guessed it, Cheddar. It was a bonus that it also is a favourite walk for many, offering incredible views. The cheese was alright but the view of the Cheddar Gorge was what really stole the show!

When I went it was cold and very muddy. I slipped a few times as I was not wearing the proper shoes at all. I will not lie to you. It was a TOUGH walk. I almost gave up not once but a few times. There is the main entrance that is straight upstairs for a good few hundred steps but there is the other way which does require a steep incline up. Personally, we started at the exit and I found it to be doable and more enjoyable as it was less crowded. You can just walk up the stairs and 10 minutes for the main view and then head back the way you came. We walked the whole path and I gotta tell you, it made me feel good!

It took about 3-4 hours to do with a few breaks in-between for some snacks, water, and pictures. The view though was fantastic. If you do choose to walk to the path in it’ sincerity, I beg you do not to do what I did. Wear the right shoes and find a walking stick!

Dunster Castle

No hiking required to enjoy this view! Dunster Castle is located in Somerset. In its former glory, it had a Motte and the castle lies on top of a steep hill that offers breathtaking views of the countryside.

Key features of the castle include the original 13th-century gates and several pieces of art, including a Tudor copy of Hans Eworth’s famous allegorical portrait of Sir John Luttrell, and a sequence of leather tapestries showing scenes from the story of Antony and Cleopatra. If you are a garden lover, then you will love the gardens surrounding the castle cover and include the National Plant Collection of Strawberry Trees.

It also sits in a picturesque town that is perfect for a little walk around and some cream tea!

Ham House and Garden

If you can’t make the drive out of London, then Ham House and Garden is the perfect day excursion! Located in Richmond, the house can be accessed by taking the trains to Twinkinehm Station.

Ham House is a historic house with formal gardens set back 200 meters from the River Thames in Ham, south of Richmond in London. It is claimed by the National Trust to be “unique in Europe as the most complete survival of 17th-century fashion and power.”

The gardens are what truly stole the show for me and I felt it was well worth the entrance fee. You will be able to get the perfect Instagram shot anywhere on the property though! The cafe is also a great place to get a cup of coffee while you soak up the views.

Which one would you go to? Don’t forget to share on PIN for later!

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