Fat Girls Adventure Travel: Part 1

We might be on lockdown but that doesn’t mean our desire for adventure has been locked up. For many of us, we are using this time to dream about future travel! Which is why we couldn’t be more excited about this new series on Fat Girls Guide…Fat Girls Adventure Travel!

Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing different members of the Fat Girls Traveling community and their adventure travel tales.  If you’ve ever been scared to try something more adventurous because of your size, the following are all the reasons why you shouldn’t be! First up…

Kayaking in Antarctica

Carly Heyward 

I signed up for kayaking in Antarctica. I really wanted to do it as I’ve done short kayak trips in the past, but Antarctica weather is wild and wondrous, and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to keep up with the fitness of other people.


I wasn’t concerned about fitting (since I’ve fit in kayaks in the past) until they sent out an email with dimensions… which I did not fit. I stressed and worried a lot and finally decided to just keep my reservation. When we were getting fitted for our gear, I felt the familiar anxiety of trying to get dressed in front of strangers.

I was really excited to find that 1) It fit! 2) It was lose fitting. I stressed out for nothing. It ended up being the most magical time I spent in Antarctica because of the silence and how close we could get to the wildlife.


 Surfing and Paddle Boarding 

Mae Rudillas

 I went surfing and paddle boarding last year in Siargao, Philippines! There were many places offering surf lessons. We just picked one randomly. I did, however, have some anxiety: would I be able to stand up? The staff was calm and reassured me that they would choose the proper board for my body. I was with straight sized friends who are all very athletic (but all of us were first timers) and I felt insecure that after the hour-long lesson. I might be the only one who won’t be able to surf! 

I was beating myself up and was pressuring myself to do well while we were doing the practice session! But as soon as we were about to hit the waves, I took a moment to look up. I noticed that people who were surfing looked so calm and at peace with the waves. It made me realize that this is what surfing should be about! It should be about letting go, and letting the water lead the way. So that’s exactly what I did, I let go of my anxiety to perform. 

Of course, the actual surfing was a different story. It was so freaking hard! I kept falling but I was having so much fun because, at that point, I didn’t really care if I could stand up on the board. Ten minutes before the class was over, I did it! I was able to stand up and ride the waves even if it was less than a minute. I was so so so so proud of myself!

My instructors and friends were all cheering for me too! Now, would I surf again? Yes and Yes and Yes! I think the key is to make sure you have the correct board and you have instructors who will make you feel comfortable and of course to let go and have fun.

The next day, I went paddle boarding! The paddle boards weren’t the correct size, so I couldn’t stand up without tipping the board over. I knelt the whole time but it was still fun and the lake was gorgeous!

Walking On Top Of The City

Lyndsey Parnell 

I did the Rim Walk at the CN Tower in Toronto as part of a trip across America (with a slight detour into Canada). I was absolutely terrified that we would get there and they would want to weight me, or wouldn’t have a jumpsuit or harness that fit. They didn’t weight anyone, they had jumpsuits to fit and it turned out everyone was panicked about whether the harness would hold them regardless of their size.

Due to a knee issue, I couldn’t do something the way they wanted and I started freaking out. But the staff was really supportive. People freak out all the time! They let me do it a different way and off we went. It was an absolutely amazing experience and every time I think I can’t do something, I look at those pictures!

Stay tuned for Part Two which will include more tales from the community including free-diving!

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