Travel Safety Gadgets Under $50

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group these travel safety gadgets will help you remain safe and secure. As women, we often hear about the dangers of traveling which unfortunately means that we have to take extra precautions. Which includes checking the legality of certain devices before traveling. For example, did you know that pepper spray is illegal in Canada?

There are also silent dangers to be aware of. Are you aware of Airbnb’s silent killer? There have been 19 carbon monoxide deaths in the last 10 years and Airbnb still doesn’t require properties to install carbon monoxide detectors.

These travel safety gadgets will help keep you safe and won’t cost more than $50.

Disclosure: Some of the links may be affiliate links, and at no cost to you, we earn a commission if you make a purchase. We recommend products and companies we have used, would use, or have been suggested by other fat travelers. The price listed is the price as of publishing date.

Mini First Aid Kit $10 

If safety is a priority don’t leave home without this 110-piece Mini First Aid Kit.

2 Pack TSA Approved Luggage Locks $10

Protect your valuables en route to your vacation with these TSA-approved luggage locks.

PortaPow 3rd Gen USB Data Blocker $10

This little device protects you against juice jacking and blocks a hacker’s ability to access your phone. While allowing you to charge your devices in public spaces. 

Travel Door Lock $12

Get this tool to lock your hotel or vacation rental doors securely. Keep in mind that even with the key people won’t be able to enter.

Sliding Window Locks With Key $13

If you’re staying at a rental property or on the ground floor of a hotel these window locks will help give you peace of mind.

VIPERTEK Stun Gun with LED Flashlight $13

This LED Flashlight doubles as a stun gun! Check which countries you can enter when traveling with this.

Door Stop Alarm $14

This door stop won’t fully prevent someone from entering your hotel or vacation property, but the shrill siren that’s tripped will slow them down.

LokiStashed Hidden Pocket Scrunchies $15

Worried about pick-pockets on an upcoming trip? Stash your cash in these hidden pocket scrunchies!

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen and Window Breaker $18

You can use this tactical pen to take notes or to break through glass in an emergency.

SABRE Pepper Gel $18

This isn’t pepper spray, it’s maximum police strength Pepper Gel. Be sure to check which countries you can enter when traveling with this.

RFID Anti Theft Work Backpack $26

The RFID security technology is designed to block RFID signals and protect your valuable information such as your passport, credit cards, driver’s licenses, and more from unauthorized Scan.

Birdie Personal Safety Alarm $30

It’s not always possible to travel with pepper spray, since it’s illegal in many countries. This personal safety alarm is easy to use and is TSA-friendly. With the press of a button, a piercing alarm and flashing strobe lights are activated

CLUCI Anti-theft  Backpack / Purse $36

The only way to access the contents of this anti-theft backpack is from the hidden back zipper.

Pocket Socks $40

Each pair of socks comes with a TSA-friendly zippered pocket that can hold your cash, cards, IDs, and more!

 Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector $40

This portable carbon monoxide detector monitors the current CO concentration, temperature, and humidity in the air in real-time and alerts you with any issues.

Hidden Camera and Bug Detector $46

This device detects cameras, bugs, and tracking locators in your hotel room or rental property.

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