Travel Safety Tips & Tricks

We are still celebrating Women’s History Month with these travel safety tips and tricks. Our Founder, Annette Richmond, is joined by Fat Girl Hiking founder Summer Michaud-Skog and the babe behind the blog Voyaging Vagabond, Chantel Loura.

Summer shares why she appreciates National Parks so much. Along with hiking safety tips, inspiration behind her book- Fat Girls Hiking, and her favorite hiking apps.

Chantel shares details from when Airbnb was robbed, while she was sleeping. She’s sharing some of her favorite safety gadgets and what she keeps in her “kitchen drawer bag”. She also talks about traveling as a queer couple and shares some travel safety tips.

All three ladies share solo travel tips and scams to watch out for. As well as a story of when their safety was at risk and how they overcame those obstacles. The women also answer common plus-size travel questions and share some of their travel favorites.

travel safety tips

Team Fat Girls

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