10 Most Instagrammable Food Spots in New York City

There’s just something about a brunch place with the perfect aesthetic that makes a millennial go wild, isn’t there? As an Instagram obsessed millennial myself, I’ll admit that most of the time when I go out to eat, I’m looking for a place that has a vibe I like, food that I can take photos of, and will make it look like I actually do cool things with my life rather than just stay home all day and watch Netflix.

If you’re venturing to New York City anytime soon, you’ll know that there are infinite places to get a meal. There are also so many cute shops with beautiful food that it would be ridiculous to pass through without at least one photo of an overpriced dish. As someone who’s lived in NYC for many years now, I’ve made it a quest to go to some of these places and care less about what the food tastes like and more about how I feel when ingesting it based on what it looks like or how the eatery fits my idea of “#goals.”

Now this all may sound terrible, vapid and ridiculous, but let’s be honest here, we all have had a moment where we “do it for the ‘gram” and why shouldn’t food be included in that. With the influx of millennial pink and matcha everything, sometimes it’s fun to jump on the bandwagon, and here are some spots in New York City where you can do that AND feel like you’ve walked away with a cool memory only seen by millions in a viral Facebook video (I swear I’m only being half sarcastic).


If you love ice cream and are down to try it in a fish-shaped cone, Taiyaki is the best place to go. In Chinatown you’ll find this little shop and you can customize your treat in so many different ways, including unicorn theme.


This Williamsburg shop is famous for its rainbow bagels. They’re almost too pretty to eat! You can get it on its own, or get funfetti cream cheese to match.


Matcha is the newest drink craze, and nowhere will you get a perfect green and pink combo aesthetic than in one of the Cha Cha Matcha shops around the city.


Want more ice cream perfection? This other Chinatown shop will hook you up with bubble waffle cone tastiness. You can go all out with the toppings and create a masterpiece.


For the pinkest place you’ll ever eat, head to Pietro Nolita. This tiny cafe in Nolita is millennial pink at its finest.


If you’re into pastries, Supermoon Bakehouse is the best place to get unique tastes of charcoal donuts and matcha croissants.


There are Maman’s all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, and all of them are gorgeous and serve great food and coffee. The Greenpoint location is my favorite to visit and the most photographable.


For the most rainbow place you’ll find in NYC, go to Flour Shop. Here you’ll find the famous rainbow cakes and push-pops that are almost too pretty to eat.


This unique spot is a little tea shop in Brooklyn and couldn’t be more perfect for a cuppa. You can test different teas and sit down and enjoy a pot of your chosen brew.


And for the nicest little spot to grab food and coffee, try out Bakeri. It’s hidden away in Greenpoint and has a beautiful interior to enjoy your meal in.

This post was updated 4/15/22


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