What to Pack for a Trip to Egypt

In a very modern Egypt with a severe lack of tourism, all dress codes have gone out the window. That doesn’t mean don’t dress with respect, but the local women vary in their levels of coverage, and the country won’t be offended by an overseas visitor dressing to feel comfortable while they are there. This means that for plus-size ladies, there is less to fret about. There is no need to find an unflattering mumu to cover every inch of your body. You can flirt with Western styles a bit more, while still finding a balance and honoring the culture of Egypt. Here are some essentials for your trip to this glorious and historic country, including what to pack to have a perfect trip: 



Because it is always hot in Egypt, no matter the season, you will want to pack something airy but modest. While tank tops won’t get you accosted, it’s better to cover your shoulders if possible, and you can do that with a cotton top that lets the breeze in a bit with some cutouts along the arm or a bell sleeve. Basic tees are great for Egypt, but if you want to be a bit more fashion-forward, make sure to pack some printed tops with fun, colorful patterns that will make any outfit pop.

Crop Top | Bell-Sleeve Top | Printed Top


Maxi skirts will become your best friend in Egypt. It’ll give you coverage to feel like you fit in with the culture but is billowy enough to allow airflow on hot days. Pack a few to play with, so you have some mono color or print options. For days with a lot of walking or if you encounter a slightly cooler day or evening, a pair of black jeans work best and goes with any outfit.


Maxi Skirt | Maxi Skirt | Black Jeans


The fewer shoes you weigh your bag down with, the better. Skip the boring sneakers in your pack and take a pair of comfortable and chic combat boots. They’re great for trekking through the sand and keeping your toes safe. If you spray a waterproofing solution on it before you go, they’ll stay nice and clean no matter the environment. And for the hot days with less walking, a cute pair of flat sandals with a back strap will hold your feet in place and feel super Egyptian.


Sandals | Combat Boots

Other Essentials

To avoid ruining your day with chub rub, you’ll want to grab a pair of bike shorts to wear under your maxi skirts. They’ll be your biggest lifesaver. And any outfit is made 100 times better with a dope pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from the hot Egyptian sun. If you’re visiting a resort on the Red Sea, a bathing suit is a must, so don’t forget to pack that too. It won’t be strict in these resort areas regarding how much body you can show, so rock a bikini or a one-piece.

Biker Shorts | Sunglasses | Swimsuit

You Can’t Leave Home Without…

Before you leave, pack a nice hefty supply of tissue packs in your bag. Many bathrooms won’t have toilet paper available, so it’s always good to have tissues with you to avoid a nasty situation. And speaking of gross moments, many restrooms also don’t have running water or soap, so this is where carrying a small container of hand sanitizer will be your best friend. And if you’re going to be spending a lot of time near or on the Nile River, mosquito repellant will help your skin stay a little safer from itchy bites. You’ll have no regrets making sure you have those in your pack! 




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