Fat Girls Hiking

Fat Girls Hiking is a body positive hiking community that promotes diversity and weight-neutrality. Their motto, Trails Not Scales speaks to the fact that healthy is not a size. Although Portland-based, the group hosts events all around the country. All sizes, genders and skill levels are invited to these events. Which are usually free with an optional donation. They do ask that anyone who joins the group events refrain from diet talk, body shaming or weight loss talk.





The amount of attention paid to diversity in size, race, and accessibility on the Instagram page is impressive. Fat Girls Hiking is not only helping to shatter the stigma that surrounds the word Fat. This group is also proving that fat bodies are capable of reaching some of the highest peaks.





Visibility is important and Fat Girls Hiking is a fantastic platform that’s showing the world that fat people of all shapes, races, religions, classes, abilities, genders and sexual identities should be celebrated. That we demand the opportunity to take up as much space as we need. That we will no longer hide because others are uncomfortable with our bodies. We are exploring the great outdoors and the enjoying the fresh air.



What are some of your favorite fat positive Instagram groups? Let us know in the comments below.

Annette Richmond

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