A Fat Girl’s Guide to Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run & more

Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge (aka Star Wars Land) park officially opened its doors to the public last week! My life in travel blogging has also kinda made me an unofficial Disney blogger. When I am not on a plane, I am dancing to whatever beat is playing on Main Street USA at the Disneyland Resort. I had the pleasure of getting a preview of Galaxy’s Edge before it opened so you know I took the liberty of seeing how fat-friendly the new park is.

Here is my Fat Girl’s Guide to Disneyland’s NEW Galaxy’s Edge park!

Let’s talk about a few things:

Riding the Millennium Falcon ride “Smugglers Run”

Building a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop

Building a droid at the Droid Depot

Riding the Millennium Falcon ride “Smugglers Run”

I’ll start with saying this: This is one of the most fat-friendly rides I’ve ever been on. I know Pandora in Disney World was Disney’s latest immersive park experience that had people in awe. But those who are not plus size wouldn’t realize that Avatar Flight of Passage is difficult to ride if you’re over a size 18/20. This left a lot of people wondering if Smugglers Run would be just as size exclusive. 

                Bianca Karina and husband Jay ready to fight the first order!

I’m happy to report that the Millennium Falcon is very comfortable for fat people. Largely due to the fact that the chairs have NO armrests and no one sitting directly next to you. Can I get an amen? #Amen

Building a lightsaber at Sabi’s Workshop

Is Sabi’s size inclusive? Yes. Modeled after Universal Studio’s Ollivanders Wand experience, Savi’s allows you to customize your own lightsaber. Unlike Ollivanders, they aren’t cramming 30 people into a broom closet to watch the performance.

Only those who purchase a lightsaber can go in and because each person has a work station to create their lightsaber, there is plenty of room to be your fat nerdy self.

                          I decided to get a lightsaber that is better for defense

Creating a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop will run you $200 before tax. It’s a pretty steep price if you are not a die-hard Star Wars fan. Personally, I think it was worth it for the experience and to have a legitimate lightsaber that makes noise based on movement. Also, the handle is metal so that’s sweet. Bonus: you get a pin to indicate what kind of saber you built (ex: power, protect etc.)


Building a Droid at the Droid Depot

This was my number 1 must-do experience because 1) it’s affordable-ish 2) droids are freaking cute.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think the layout and experience at Droid Depot was very size inclusive due to the limited work area.

A little about the experience:

You pick if you are building a BB-8 or R2D2

You grab a basket and head over to the conveyor belt of droid parts streaming out

Once your parts are selected, head over to the tool station

Assemble your droid

Activate the controller

Buy accessories to personalize your droid

Proceed to have an awesome time in the park

You can buy personality chips for your droid to have them sound and behave differently. Our droids would react when we walked past stormtroopers. It was so cute!

Building your droid will cost $100! So it’s the more affordable of the two DIY experiences at Galaxy’s Edge. Accessories like decals, personality chips, and attachments are not included but they run around $13 each. I loved this experience because droids are kind of like the unsung heroes of the Star Wars saga. Definitely, worth it.

There’s my fat girl’s guide to Galaxy’s Edge! If you want to know more about the offerings in Disneyland’s new park, head over to my fat friendly Galaxy’s Edge guide that includes a review of Oga’s Cantina and plus size Jedi fashion offerings in Batuu’s market place!

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Galaxy’s Edge entrance is by reservation only. You have a four-hour window of time to explore the new land. Your time slot will be noted on your wristband. Once your time is up, cast members will usher you out of the park through one of its many entrances/exits. 




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