Talking All Things Auden from Target For The Plus Size Gal

If It Don’t Fit… Don’t Wear It!

Confession from Amanda… I haven’t taken good care of the gals for a while and it wasn’t until recently I got properly fitted for a bra and let me tell you… GAME CHANGER. Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size?! These days, more then ever there are brands catering to us 40+ C, Ds and more. I remember the days when it was a beige bra with ugly straps and that was that. Now we have options which is why when I went to Target for a mop, I left with Auden Bras and Panties and I have to say… I am in love.

Auden Target Plus Size

No Disrespect To The Granny Panties But…

Let me first start with a little disclaimer I LOVE GRANNY PANTIES. They are comfortable but over the last few weeks when I was visiting home my mom did my laundry a few times and after the third “Is this yours or grandmas” I knew I had to step my game up. If not for Sean (my recently wedded husband!) then for myself because let’s face it, when you feel good in a bra and panty you can’t help feel like you can take on the world. Also when your mom questions if you are wearing the same thing as your grandmother at 28 you reanalyze your life and your choices.

I suppose in a way I got a little too comfortable but that was in part because I wasn’t wearing the right underwear or bra for me. The sexy bras or panties I did own where always a little too tight or just didn’t work for my body.

Reality and Boob Check

I think for a lot of us we just buy what we think will fit because we don’t want to feel vulnerable by getting sized by someone. I know that when I went to Bravissimo in London to get fitted I was a little on edge. I may or may not have had a glass of Rose before my appointment but I am so glad I did. I learned I was wearing the complete wrong size and the difference I saw in not just how my clothes fit but my strut was big. I had to buy new bras but can’t afford $70 all the time which is why when I came across Auden at Target the budget shopper in me felt alive!

Disclaimer this post is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Target (But FGG is totally willing if you want to partner with us…. So what say you Target?!). I just wanted to share my personal experience with it. I have been wearing them for a few months now and am still impressed with the fit and it hasn’t shown any wear and tear that can sometimes happen when you buy more affordable options.

Auden at Target

First things first, Auden in all their advertisements have bodies of different shapes, sizes, and colors which I love. The bras don’t go beyond a 46 G but I hope they extend their sizes as the last few times I went the sizes 40D+ was almost always out of stock but the best part is every product is under $22. I hate spending money on myself but I couldn’t resist. For the granny panty wearing lover in me, I found a solution in the Micro Brief so much so that I went back and got it in every damn color.

They offer a variety of bras depending on what you need but even the basic ones are cute. There is no ugly bra in the collection. From the bralette to the underwire and more, they got a bra for every supportive occasion. As for sizing, make sure to try before you buy. I was a size up in panties but I also like a little more loose fit.

Support Ya Girls!

If you are looking for some affordable bras, underwear and even nightgowns head to your local Target and check out Auden. Are there any other brands you swear by for the girls? Share them below!

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Auden Target Plus Size

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