Plus Size Black Female Travelers

To celebrate Black History Month in the U.S. we’re spotlighting plus-size Black female travelers. From Students and Professional House-Sitters to Registered Nurses and Lawyers. We’re excited to introduce you to a few of our favorite plus-size Black female travelers. Although some of these women are UK based, all of these women are the epitome of Black Girl Magic.


Annette is the fat, intersectional, and opinionated founder of Fat Girls Traveling.


Tiffany is a UK based babe and all around travel enthusiast!


This Registered Nurse has visited 25 countries and counting!


Los Angeles, California based Saibra is a lawyer that loves beauty, fashion, and of course travel!


Steph Yeboah has been inspiring Black women to travel for years as an author, podcast host, and Body Image Advocate.

Here are even more Black Female Travelers To Follow!


Ashley Reese is a Software Engineer with a love for luxury travel and unique experiences. She has already visited 34 Countries and will travel to Nicaragua next.


Bee is a Chicago based Afro-Latina and Plus Size Gym Brat


Abigail is currently visiting 6 Cities in 6 months. Follow along with her adventure with the hashtag #6IN6.


Steph is helping Black women embrace ease with her House Sitter School. She is the co-founder of Exodus Summit and with the help of her commmunity she will be giving a Black woman $25,000!

Do you follow any of the plus size Black female travelers we featured?

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