Naked and Unafraid: A Plus Size Dating Story

We invited member of our Fat Girls Traveling Community to share a plus size dating story. This one is from Alessandra Astarte.

I see Jared clearly under the outdoor lights as I approach him from behind in the tropical market on the resort; he is much hotter than his profile photos on Tinder. He’s in the Army stationed on the island. I’d swiped right on him when I touched down in Honolulu on my first solo vacation.  

I share multiple full-body photos on my dating app profile because I only want to match with people who love curves and my body. My bio lists my hobbies and interests and clearly states that I prefer being in charge in the bedroom; there is nothing sexier than a man who is willing to cater to my every desire. He asks me if I prefer a particular name as a Domme and refers to me as “Mistress” in our texts as we plan our meeting over the course of a couple of days.  We discussed our preferences and limitations. I’m tickled that I found this beautiful, well-endowed man who loves being submissive in paradise.    

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We walked past the well-groomed pools in an oasis of a resort to a spacious restaurant with a mammoth, curved wooden bar and quickly found some privacy. Jared ordered a beer and I ordered a virgin piña colada; I am a recovering alcoholic. Slightly awkward, chemistry-soaked small talk coyly wanders between us until we hit a topic that connects us.  

His intelligence and well-spoken articulation of his writing turns me on majorly. He’s had a difficult past and joined the Army when faced with homelessness. Knowledge of his grit and resilience comforts me. I share that my dad passed away four months prior, my grief is the impetus for my travel to the island.  

Jared unknowingly checks all of my internal safety boxes. So I invite him back to my condo to explore each other more intimately. He admires the place and I give him the tour. We sit on the couch and I stare at his mouth for a while planning my next move. What he says next doesn’t surprise me in the least:  “I’ve never known how to make a move on a woman. Like you see in the movies. I know how to get to Point A with flirting and the banter. But I never know how to get to Point B where I lean in and we start making out.”  

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Photo by Alireza Dolati on Unsplash

I am a lioness and I do not miss the signal from this young cub. Slowly leaning in making direct eye contact and hesitate when I feel his breath on my lips. I climb over his legs to straddle him. Holding his face while I tease him with the imminence of my kiss. I finally let my lips touch his. We kiss a few times before I give him a healthy slap across the face. He knows I’m into doing that; the look on his face reveals he’s really into it too. I think of his first chore and I dismount his lap.

“Take off your clothes,”  I command.

“Yes, Mistress.  What would you like me to do for you?”

“I want you to sweep.  There’s a broom in the closet over there.  I’ll be checking your work.  If you’re a good boy, I’ll reward you.”

“What’s my reward?” he asks. 

I kneel down in front of him to give him a sample. Then tell him to start sweeping in the bathroom.  

I bask in the glow of my power over Jared for a few moments before following him into the well-lit bathroom. He’s focused on his work. I stare at his reflection in the mirror; muscular arms carved by military training. Pushing the broom into the corners of the tile floor with flattering diligence.  

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He finishes sweeping in the kitchen and dutifully asks, “What’s next?”. I tell him to clean the coffee maker and empty the dishwasher. The banter reemerges as we grow comfortable with our dynamic. I decide I’m ready for Jared to clean more than just my kitchen.

I continued to give him orders in the bedroom and we had fantastic sex. We parted ways and he assured me that he arrived home safely.  

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I left the island a couple of days later renewed from the salt water and the aloha spirit of Honolulu. As I waited on the tarmac on my flight home, I texted Jared: “You know how you get from Point A to Point B in that movie love scene? Ask the woman lots of questions about her and her life. It’ll work like a charm.”  

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Alessandra Astarte

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