10 Photos That Remind You Why The Outdoors Are Great!

As the world begins to reopen we’re getting excited about the possibilities of going maskless! According to the CDC it’s currently safe for vaccinated and unvaccinated people to go maskless outdoors when walking, biking or running alone or with members of their household. So we wanted to feature photos that will help you remember why the outdoors are great!

For this feature we rounded up photos using our #TravelInclusivity hashtag. This hashtag actually has an interesting story! The Fat Girls Traveling Instagram page was less than a year old when I reached out to Amanda and Nicole for help. We were all fat travel bloggers struggling to get noticed by mainstream travel platforms. So we decided to do an audit of their pages and request Travel Inclusivity. We basically counted how many fat or plus size travelers they’d featured and asked them to be more inclusive in the body types they featured.

We each audited then reached out to ten of the most popular travel platforms on Instagram. Some of the responses were positive and introspective. Others were defensive and denied that there was an issue with size bias in the travel space. Four years later and the #TravelInclusivity hashtag has been used nearly 10,000 times.

Did this post inspire you to get outside? What are some of your favorite hashtags? Let us know in the comments!

Annette Richmond

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