Photo Diary: The Doors of George Town

The main draw of George Town is its street art. The capital city of Penang, Malaysia attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year with its infamous paintings of children and revolving door of new art. Being the cultural melting pot that it is, the combinations of the Malay, Chinese, Indian cultures make George Town a foodies fantasy.

This mix has resulted in a UNESCO World Heritage Site with cultural, artistic and architectural influence from a myriad of sources. Traditional temples alongside hotels.  Mosques and shophouses mingling with modern buildings and the neighborhood 7-11. From one block to the next you feel like you’re not only in different countries but different worlds.

DSC08415The elaborate gold detail on the door of this simple house makes it feel like you’re entering a palace. 
DSC08384There’s even something beautiful in the more worn down doors.


DSC08411These rich tones contrast in such a complimentary way.

I love how the some of the doors and windows are a contrasting color than the intricate tile. While other doors and windows are painted in complementary colors.

DSC08410The cool tone of the door and windows compliment the tile colors.

There were quite a few shophouses with traditional Chinese accents like lanterns and plaques.




The fact that this photo isn’t horizontal drives me crazy! But the color combination was too phenomenal not to share. I would’ve never thought that purple, green, and red would look so great together!


These doors were unique because of the metal work. Most of the doors I saw were wooden. But this one had an intricate design

Annette Richmond

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