When Meeting the Family is Unamusing: A Lesbian Love Story

We’re so excited to debut our new section, Big FAT Love! As a fat positive lifestyle publication it’s important for us to showcase how multifaceted our lives can be. What better way than love, sex, and relationships? As a celebration of Pride Month we want to start off with a lesbian love story provided by Fat Girls Traveling Member Haley!

In Feb 2015, I arrived in Taiwan. I met a friend who just happened to be straight size and Taiwanese. Her family wanted to take me to an amusement park. This terrified me. As a self proclaimed fat woman I was already overly aware of my body in Asian society. Much less in an amusement park setting. I was told I didn’t have to ride anything when I expressed my opinions to my friend. I felt comfortable with this and decided to go. We had a great start to the day. Her and I walked around and began to start what would be an incredible romantic relationship.

IMG_3708A photo from that day.

After lunch we took her niece and nephew around. We got to the swings. You know the ones with the chains that spin you around high. I thought I would be fine as I have ridden the swings several times as a larger sized body. I nervously and ever so carefully lined up. The attendant  looked at me. He gave me that “you shouldn’t be doing this” look as I entered the gate. I ignored his gaze and I found an empty swing. I lowered myself gently into the seat and I fit! I closed the bar and sat waiting for the safety check as my friend was on the other side of the ride looking at me with smiles. She knew of my anxiety about this. As the man came to my swing to do the safety check he started to gesture with his arms, speaking Chinese he undid my bar. I turned red and panicked. I couldn’t function. My friend came over and listened to the man and told me I needed to leave. I could feel everyone staring, I checked and all eyes were on me. Tears streamed down my face as I did the walk of shame. I stepped one foot out of the gate and took off, frantically searching for an empty place I could cry. 


My friend, now romantic partner, comforted me and said she’d never thought this experience would happen. We held hands and walked around the park and she told me that there was nothing wrong with me, or my body. It was the ride. She said we never had to come back here. This was an experience that I will never forget and because of it, I was able to overcome and find love instead of shame and embarrassment. 

A Lesbian Love Story

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