Holiday Gift Guide for the Fat Stylish Traveler

Wondering what to buy your stylish travel friend this holiday season?  Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be hard. Travelers may have the gift of memorable experiences on their side, but you have the gift of friendship. This holiday gift guide for fat fashionista travelers will have her inviting you on her next fabulous trip.

Your Holiday Gift Guide for the Fat Stylish Traveler

These stylish must-haves will make any upcoming adventure one for the books.

Now essential oils

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Essential oils that naturally repel mosquitos. Perfect for upcoming trips to Ubud and Hanoi. These essential oils will help keep the mosquitos at bay so you can play.

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Stunna red lip stain by Fenty

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Fenty by Rihanna Stunna red lip stain is a favorite matte lip color for many. Fenty is leading the way for representation and accessible products for diverse individual. This long lasting and dang near universally flattering red stain looks great on all skin tones.

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Gift Card

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Give the gift of a memorable experience. Tinggly is the perfect gift for the person who either a) has everything or b)spends their money on experiences and not things. Tinggly boxes have pre-paid experiences all over the world with up to 660+ things to choose from ranging from $79 to $289.

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Travel face mask set

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Airplane air is stale and drying for your skin. Start your vacation glow before you even land. Staying hydrated is easy with the Patchology travel mask set.

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Karrimor weather proof jacket

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Karrimor weathertite hooded jacket provides protection from the rain and looks good with any outfit (up to a size 22). Karrimor’s light packable jackets are easy to roll up in a suit case or stuff in the bottom of a backpack.

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Crocs Citilane


WAIT. “Crocs” and “Fashionista” in the same blog post? Yes. Crocs Citilane are my favorite shoe for traveling. They are so versatile you can wear them with jeans and dresses. Crocs are also great for those with wide feet that need some extra cushion for their heels.

Buy it here.

Crease free hair ties

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Travelers love to be able to be able to maximize their time on their adventures. That means less time on hair and makeup, and more time creating memories on the road. Give your plus size fashionable friend the gift of time, with these cute hair ties that won’t leave the dreaded crease in your ponytail.

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Hair tie bangles

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.44.39 PM

A set of bangles that double as a stylish hair tie holder. The best solution to a common problem plaguing those gals who will do it for the gram. Rather than harsh black lines on your wrists cutting off the circulation to your hand, hair tie bangles turn them into a functional accessory.

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A good strapless bra

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.55.22 PM.png

Curvy Kate is known for their size inclusive bras and the famous Luxe strapless bra that women literally do cartwheels in. That’s right. A strapless bra that holds up against gravity and being inverted. Don’t fuss with your bra when you can be snapping photos instead (check out our photographer gift guide btw). Strapless dresses in Barcelona, tube tops in Guatemala, nothing is off limits.

Buy it here.

Bikini Bag

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.02.25 PM

Forget the plastic grocery bag, it’s killing our planet. Opt for a reusable *and cute* bikini bag. Any traveler would be stoked to have a cute storage bag with waterproof lining to keep wet swimsuits from soaking the rest of their clothes. Imagine, checking out of your room and swimming just a few more laps around the coral reefs in the Maldives and not having to worry about your wet bikini once on the plane.

Buy it here. 

I hope this holiday gift guide gives you the inspiration you need to show the fatshionista in your life how much you care. Or, if you are the fatshionista, giving your friends and family the holiday dream of contributing to your adventures.

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