12 Fat Babes Flaunt Thier Bikini Bods

Swimsuit season is upon us which means it’s time for our Bikini Body reminder! The quickest way to get a bikini body is putting a bikini on your body. Your body is beautiful and perfect exactly as it is. It is ready for any type of swimwear you prefer. We’ve even created a collection of 50 Plus Size Swimsuits For Every Style to inspire you.


Nicole is a plus size traveler, lifestyle blogger, and Body Positivity Advocate.


Apparel Buyer for Macy’s, this new mama is inspired by travel and culture around the world.


 Jo is a fat Afrolatina traveler is on a self love journey thru solo travel, fatshion, and great food.


Just call Mollie the “Plus Size Martha Stewart”.


Plus size personal trainer Daniela focuses on body liberation.


May is an artist and free spirit.


Not only is this California-girl an avid traveler she’s a teacher.


A plus size advocate for people of all sizes & abilities⁣ Jae’lynn is a sensation on TikTok and Instagram.


Fat Girls Traveling founder wearing an itsy bitsy teenie weenie red printed bikini.


Madison is a Video Editor, Creative, and Explorer. This “Wisconsin baby, L.A. lady” currently lives in NYC.


This Latina beach babe is currently based in Dallas, Texas.


This bikini-clad babe loves cats, houses, and holidays!

But nothing could be more inspiring than these fat babes flaunting thier bikini bods.Use our hashtags #FatGirlsTraveling and #TravelInclusivity to be included in our social media round-ups!

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