Chafe-Free Summer

As the weather warms up the layers begin to come off. Some people start thinking about the quickest and easiest way to obtain that summer body. Others start thinking about how to have a chafe-free summer. Chub Rub is the painful skin irritation that happens when your clothes no longer act as a barrier between skin to skin contact. This can happen no matter where you are, but it’s worse while you’re traveling. Because sometimes that irritation can become so severe it prevents you from exploring the new city you’ve been saving for months to visit.


For years the thick thigh life prevented me from wearing shorts. Every time I did, I would end up with skin so irritated from chub rub that I had to waddle home. That was until I discovered ChafeZone by PlusZone last summer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried a bunch of other products and would even wear shorts under my dresses. But those options were uncomfortable, temporary or didn’t work at all. ChafeZone was the first product that prevented my chub rub.


For me, the solution has been ChafeZone. I use it anytime I’m wearing shorts a dress or a skirt. All the walking I do while exploring a new city has also lead to some uncomfortable foot pain. Which is where BlisterZone comes in. I apply it to my feet before any hike or sightseeing day to prevent blisters.


I reached out to members and followers of our Fat Girls Traveling Facebook Group and Instagram because I wanted to hear some of their Chub Rub Horror Stories. Not only do I feel lucky to have a space where these discussions can take place without judgment. I truly think that these conversations help normalize some of the struggles of living a fabulous life while fat. But don’ get it twisted, thick thighs aren’t just a fat girl issue. I’ve met straight size men and women who deal with this painful problem as well.

“I walked 1400 miles on the Camino de Santiago, and literally had to bandage my thighs to cover open sores from knees to crotch from walking so much in the heat.”


 “I am cautious of what I wear when I travel because chafing is the worst. I always get that thick thigh rub but I also get chafing around my bra line.”
 Chafe-free is the way to be all year, but it’s especially important during the summer. I refuse to let anything keep me from following my dream of exploring the world and that includes skin irritation. PlusZone is not only a company that supplies product for the plus size community, it supports the plus size community. I’m happy to share that PlusZone is a sponsor of Fat Camp and will provide full-size ChafeZone sticks in every Swag Bag. So if you’re one of the lucky campers you’ll have an opportunity to test one of my favorite products for yourself.
Do you have a Chub Rub story to share? Leave it in the comments. Have you tried ChafeZone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photography: Ty McKnight   Shirt: Amazon  Shorts: Forever21   Bikini: Swimsuits For All

Annette Richmond

Annette Richmond is an award-winning content creator, travel writer, public speaker and advocate. Richmond is an immigrant that splits her time between Mexico and the United States. The creator of the fat positive travel community Fat Girls Traveling is a native Californian. Annette got her start in the fashion industry working in trend forecasting and public relations. Her love for travel inspired her to start Fat Girls Traveling in 2017 which is where she and Amanda met. When she's not creating diverse travel, fashion, and beauty content for The Fat Girls Guide she is hosting Fat Camp retreats and fat positive tours. In her spare time you can find her speaking publicly and writing articles promoting diversity and inclusivity, recording her new podcast, or sipping a margarita on the beach. Richmond hopes to continue to inspire other marginalized people to see the world and be seen.

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