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Community is key. It’s such an important tool in any movement and the body positive and fat acceptance movements are no exception. As both continue to gain momentum and acceptance it’s important for us to share resources. These are some of our favorites. Share some of your favorite Fat Positive Facebook Groups in the comments.


Fat Girls Traveling: FGT is the voice for the curvy, plus size, Fat Female Traveler and the home group for this blog. They’re reclaiming the word Fat, leaving the shame and stigma behind and defying the odds. This group is encouraging members to board that plane, jumping in front of the camera and show the world that fat girls travel too. Not only that, we love ourselves, our bodies as everyone should!

Flying While Fat: Flying While Fat is a group for resources, discussion, and support around air travel for fat passengers.
Traveling while Plus Size! This group is for the plus size women that are well traveled and the women who have never taken a trip, but want to! Creator Chasity of Garner Style shares tips on reducing the anxiety of traveling while plus size. This new group will also be a place where you can find great deals on places to go, recommended spots to visit, fabulous hotels and find a buddy to travel with.
Curvy (Girls LOVE Travel®) One of the many branches if the Girls Love Travel Group, Curvy is a community geared towards plus-sized ladies that welcomes women of all shapes and sizes, as well as Curvy allies!
Disney Parks for Plus Sized Guests: Vacations for Plus-Sized (18+) people can be nerve-wracking. This group is for Disney lovers to ask questions & share advice & experiences about their vacations as it pertains to being a person of size so that we can all have a WONDERFUL experience! This includes things like walking to prepare your body for miles of walking in the parks, comfort or size of beds, how a restraint works on a ride, plane seats, etc.


Fit Fatties: This forum was started by two fit fatties – Jeanette DePatie and Ragen Chastain – to be a space where people of all sizes and abilities who are interested in fitness from a Health at Every Size perspective can connect, get support, and make friends. This community is fiercely anti-shame so if you don’t feel that you can be supportive and positive in a discussion then it’s not for you.

Flawless Fat Babes: Is a fat positive safe space to share outfits of the day, resources, and discussion.

Plus Size Chat: This is a group for plus size lovely ladies (18+ ONLY) to get together and provide support and encouragement for each other.

Living While Fat: Is a group for resources, discussion, and support around living while fat. This group is for: discussion, support and sharing of related resources like blog posts and news articles.

Caring for Our Fat Bodies: This group was created as a space for fat folks and folks who care for fat folks to discuss, vent, share ideas and tricks, witness, and otherwise support one another in caring for our fat bodies or caring for the bodies of beloved fat folks. There’s a lot of social stigma that prevents us from asking for help or naming the struggles we are having with body care. Let this space be a space for us to share.

Fat Body Babes: An 18+ safe space for fat babes. No cis men however gender fluid or non-binary are welcome. This is a no shame space. So whether you’re looking to begin your self-love journey, looking to pick up friends for the ride, or to help others on their journey, you are welcome here.

Fat Girls Hiking Community: Fat Girls Hiking Community is a space for discussion, clothing/gear suggestions or questions, hiking successes & challenges, outdoor stories & photos and a place to connect with one another online and find other body positive hikers in your area.


The Curvy Fashionista Community: The is the group page for the Curvy Fashionista Blog and Fan Page. The Curvy Fashionista® has been keeping it curvy since 2008. The fashion and lifestyle blog caters to the Curvy.Confident.Chic. plus size woman. The Curvy Fashionista Community delivers the goods to fashion your curves covering the latest in fashion, news, trends, interviews, tips, entertainment, and the Plus-Size community.

Mermaid Fatshion: If you’re interested in discussing fat fashion, entering giveaways, selling your gently worn wares and sharing outfits of the day, this community of non-judgmental ladies is for you. The minimum size for group membership is a 16 and asks members to consider size privilege often and to be aware and kind to one another in a world that absolutely is not.

The Wide Brides: This a plus size bridal group is not a group for selling. However it’s a group for venting, posting about your bridal woes, asking for help with planning and a support group for plus size brides looking for positive feedback regarding their wedding.



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  1. I am a 450 pound woman and would love to join a group that I can relate to the people and they can relate to me.

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