The Coolest Clothes for Warm Weather

On the hottest days, it’s not only important to feel cool. You should look cool as well! Keep reading to discover how you can stay cool as the temperature heats up:

Warm Weather Tips

There are a few different ways to do that, but one of the easiest is to buy items made of breathable fabrics. Two of the most breathable fabrics are cotton and linen. They’re woven (aka no stretch), so if you prefer your clothes to move with you, make sure to get a blend. That means the content tag should have linen or cotton and spandex on the list.

Stylist-Approved list of lightweight pieces to add to your warm-weather wardrobe.

 These items are best during the summer and perfect for your next cruise or tropical vacation. Since they’re seasonal and may not get much wear, there’s no need to splurge. Forever 21 is one of my favorite fast-fashion resources. All of these pieces will be easy to pack, and if you’re adverse to wrinkles bring a hand steamer.


Striped Shirt $32


e8ae3d2b6c4136eed91771cfda480200Crochet Lace Peasant Dress $29.90

bafe649bb56c9435366653d4a9580a0dSemi-Sheer Eyelet Crop Top $27.90

a657d21b46fc0d4783c20038973441a1Gingham Ruched Skirt $48

03b9560ef7cc540d78df00394834ebc8Pinstripe Pickup-Sleeve Top $13.93

a9ef25050a303cedabfb0fc97a43bf7aChambray Tie-Front Jumpsuit $29.90

3fa0e5b86757e57570347aff1a7d86a2Pinstripe Off-the-Shoulder Top $12.90

f0783ec6adeabd75bc32697641216b51Pinstriped Mini Dress $22.90

3212760e5da152dbd81500410a48602fEmbroidered Floral Top $33.60

af7efd3e470602d630b7e920dffc8dcdStriped Ruffle Dress $24.90

b60d0ae2cda1e589290032097c039f7aPinstripe Palazzo Pants $19.90


89cba1044f18e1ad2b3ae4dfb66e1e66Double Breasted Cami Dress $34.90

cd6a74f2eb620894d6a2bb9c911d028dOff-the-Shoulder Flounce Romper $27.90

caf1e160a53cbb3cda7686a91a440b39Linen-Blend Striped Shorts $17.90

e099a2f7d2b9b37f5533b3b34687505fBanana & Leaf Print Linen-Blend Crop Top  $17.90

9af4ae721c7b423da2e415cc511f51c7Banana Print Skirt $33.90

28b67271d5e8b7bbccf351f7953193dcLinen-Blend Maxi Dress $33.60

399e17b8cd758aa6809f7dc472c1bcefBelted Paperbag Pants $24.43

d0d7c9d5ff7b3c07d1202cfa4451d0ccStriped Wrap Dress $27.90

4b056791424ec40a8fb54090f746bb62Linen-Blend High-Low Dress $38


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