Face Shaving Tips for Women

I can’t remember really when I started to shave my face except for one day I did. I must have liked the results because here I am 29 years old and I still shave my face. It has taken me years though to find a routine and products that work for me.

I have thick, coarse black facial hair. I have always had a lot of hair but unlike the rest of me, my facial hair has always been a sticking point. To be frank, I used to be so ashamed that I grew facial hair so quickly and that I had to shave. It was my dirty secret. In the last few years, I’ve begrudgingly accepted it. I won’t lie to you, it’s still one of my biggest insecurities but I also know more and more women are shaving their faces. Don’t believe me? Watch this video from Huda Beauty.

When it was my “dirty secret”, I used to treat my shaving routine as a punishment of sorts. This year though, I decided to stop that because this isn’t shameful. Body hair is just body hair! I have facial hair, so what!? I have invested in proper razors, products, and have noticed a MASSIVE difference in my shaving.

I shave every day which can be rough on my skin. Since I decided to treat my skin better, I have fewer razor burns and in-grown hairs. If you’re looking for some tips on how to shave your face here’s what works for me. Like every beauty routine, you might need to adapt it slightly for your skin to maximize results!

Products I use:
Bulldog Original Shave Oil
Flexible Razor Head
Bulldog Foaming Sensitive Shave Gel 
Dr. Botanicals All-in-one Rescue Butter
Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturizer 
No Fog Shower Mirror

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Before Shaving

I took the 10 seconds it takes to put up a no fog shower mirror in my shower and my shaving routine has changed enormously. The warm water from the shower softens the skin which helps raise the hairs that I am shaving. I notice almost no razor burn when I shave in the shower versus at the sink.

As soon as you’re in the shower and the temperature’s just right, add a generous amount of the shave oil to the areas that need shaving. For me, this is normally under my chin and sideburn areas. Let the oil sink in for a few minutes and do whatever else you gotta do during your shower. Just try not to rinse the oil off with water! After a few minutes, I put shaving gel on top of the oil. Not a lot, just enough to help the razor really glide over the skin.

During Shaving

I am about to write down something that almost all professionals in the skin world will tell you NOT to do but everyone does, in fact, does it… I shave upwards against the hair. I do this not just on my face but on my legs and arms too. Why? Because when I shave with the hair, IT DOES NOT WORK. This is why the before shave routine is really important to make sure your skin is soft enough to shave.

Looking into the mirror and with my left-hand (this will be whatever your non-dominant hand is) I pull my skin tight. This is to help for a smoother and easier shave as I glide over the hairs with my right hand. I repeat this until the hair is gone. Normally on my chin, I have to shave almost diagonally up. It’s important to look at how the hair grows on your face because I notice it’s different depending on location.

After Shaving

After I finish shaving I immediately put rescue butter on the areas I shaved. I do not rub it in. If you nicked yourself when shaving do not put lotion on just yet! Wait until the bleeding stops. This will normally only be a few minutes. I notice the rescue butter has helped with the razor burn but also gives my skin something to almost grab onto as I do shave every day. My skin after shaving tends to feel super dry so when I added in the rescue butter I noticed my skin felt better!

After applying the rescue butter, finish getting ready, and feel free to do the rest of your skincare routine. This is when I use my face moisturizer and I make sure to rub it into my face. This isn’t full-proof and sometimes I still get a bit of razor burn but that’s normally when I skip a step or my razor is dull.  PLEASE do not use the same razor for your face as other parts of your body! Do not be afraid to try out different razors too because what might work for your legs might not work for your face and vice versa.

Fat Girls Guide Shaving As A Woman

Other Razors and Facial Removals

Another razor that I love to use on my face in terms of my upper lip and eyebrows is a Facial Razor. Amazon has so many and at different price points. I recommend ordering one or two different brands and try them out. I’ve heard of people using them to shave their face but in my experience, I got a lot of nicks and razor burn so I prefer to use it on my eyebrows and the harder to reach razor spots of my upper lip.

There are so many products out there from creams that remove hair and even the Flawless Face Razors but they didn’t work for me. I really wish they did but they didn’t. You know what did? Shaving the good-ole-fashioned way. One day, I would like to get laser hair removal but even then I’m not sure if it would work on my type of hair so until then, I’ll be using my oils, lotions, and creams. Who knows, maybe one day, it won’t bother me at all and I’ll have my own little beard! There did used to be a time when the thought of hairy legs would prevent me from putting on a bathing suit but that is not the case anymore!

One Last Thing

No matter what, don’t let a little hair stop you from feeling confident but if you are like me and don’t want it make sure to do it right. Treat it like any other beauty routine of yours. Try different products and techniques until you find the one that works for you.

Happy shaving my friends. May the razor be ever in your favor!

Do you shave your face? What is your shaving routine? Tell us below in the comment!


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  1. Thank you for this! You are exactly right–facial hair is just body hair. Period. And I don’t need to feel self-conscious about it. I needed to hear that.

  2. I absolutely love this article, I also have the same problem and have to shave daily, this has been a nice article to see that many other women are suffering from the same problem. I think you are brave and amazing to put out this article, keep up the amazing work xx

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