Plus-Size Tights That Elevate Your Wardrobe

Celebrate the arrival of fall (or autumn, as it’s known in the UK) with plus-size tights that embrace the season’s fashion possibilities. Fall brings cozy coats and, of course, tights into the spotlight, elevating your entire outfit. Tights are a versatile accessory that can make a fashion statement even when your coat covers the rest of your ensemble. To help you step up your fall fashion game, we reached out to the Fat Girls Traveling community to discover their favorite plus-size tights. Continue reading to find out which brands they recommend for enhancing your wardrobe this season:

Snag Tights

Snag Tights is a purpose-led brand that serves a community often excluded by the fashion industry. With sizes going up to a UK 36, they are among the most inclusive plus-size tights available today. Our community raves about the brilliant colors, exceptional comfort, and durability of Snag Tights.

Here’s what our community had to say about Snag:

“Another one for snag tights. Brilliant colors that stay brilliant. Soft, soft soft comfy, not too expensive and VERY size inclusive with super sizes.” 

“I’m another snaggler. I’ll never buy anything but snag tights, chubs or undies ever again.” 

“Absolutely Snagtights! They are comfortable, always fit wonderfully and are super durable!! I won’t wear anything else.”

We Love Colors

Offering tights in over 50 colors and sizes up to 8x, We Love Colors is the perfect brand to infuse a burst of color into your outfits. All their tights are hand-dyed in Miami, ensuring a vibrant and unique look.


Hailing from Australia, Sonsee specializes in plus-size hosiery and shapewear, with Italian-made tights available up to an AU size 24. They prioritize comfort and fit for larger sizes.


Known for their durability, Sheertex tights use fiber traditionally used in climbing equipment, making them nearly indestructible. According to their size guide, they go up to a Size 3X, supporting those up to 310 lbs.

Here’s what our community had to say:

“They aren’t kidding when they say they’re basically indestructible, I’ve wiped out in them, had them sneak into the wash unprotected with all kinds of snaggable things, had Velcro rub against them, nothing has harmed them.”

Better Tights

Better Tights is dedicated to making hosiery accessible and comfortable for individuals of all body sizes and shapes, including plus-sizes. Their tights are available up to a US size 32!

Here’s what our community had to say:

“Better Tights are my favourites now!…Better have excellent quality at the same, if not slightly cheaper, prices.” 


An established and trusted brand, Torrid is renowned for its inclusive sizing, offering a wide range of tights designed for plus-size individuals. They prioritize diversity and aim to provide options for various body types.

Here’s what our community had to say:

“I also have several pairs of fleece-lined tights from Torrid that have held up really well – I think I got them in 2018.”

Step Into Style and Comfort with Plus-Size Tights

These six plus-size tights come highly recommended by our community, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect tights to complement your fall wardrobe. Stay cozy, stylish, and confident as you embrace the beauty of the season. For more Fall fashion inspiration, we’ve got you covered with these jacket picks from Dia & Co.

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