5 Fat Fitness Influencers on Tik Tok You Should Be Following

We previously shared on The Fat Girls GUide 10 Fat Travel Tik Tokers you should be following but this time we are focusing on 5 fat fitness creators that we love. These creators are reclaiming a space that often has been a hard place for fat people to exist in. How many times have we been told the main purpose of exercising is to lose weight? For a long time, exercise wasn’t fun for the community but now that is changing and we are HERE FOR IT. These fat creators will inspire you to move and take up space.

Tiffany | Yoga for all bodies


Roy Belzer Fitness




Sporty Beth CrossFit


Cressida The Real Bodies Coach


Amanda Wilkinson

When Amanda is busy running While Fat she can be found running her own Digital Marketing Agency in Bristol, UK. Amanda can also be found reading books on her Bookstagram, drinking Aperol, and dreaming about her next trip.

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