Plus Size Purchase Power

Recently we’ve seen the resurgence of clothing brands that were once considered fashion-gatekeepers. Brands that have vocally and not-so-vocally refused to include plus size clothing in their assortments. Some of these brands have changed their tune and are now working with some of the most popular plus size influencers in the industry. Leaving many plus size shoppers confused. Which is why we’re having this two-part conversion about plus size purchase power.

In part-one fashion consultants Sarah Chiwaya and Lauren Brake break down the difference between plus sizes and extended sizes. They join Fat Girls Traveling founder Annette Richmond to discuss how traumatic the plus size shopping and fitting room experiences can be. As well as when and if it’s appropriate to give formerly fatphobic clothing brands a second chance.

Have you shopped any of the controversial brands mentioned? Let us know in the comments.

Team Fat Girls

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