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In recent weeks, the rollouts of the vaccine for COVID 19 have begun. In fact, Fat Girls Guide contributor Sam was in one of the first waves of those who got the vaccine. She shared her story with us and in response, others from the community have shared their own. We wanted to highlight the different responses as often fat women are left behind in the medical community.

Before we share these responses we do want to take a minute and say we hope that if you as a reader are given an opportunity to receive the vaccine that you do it. Now back to what our community has experienced:

“I have gotten my two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. I had a headache and was tired after the first. The second, I had aching joints and a low fever. I felt fine after a few hours though.” – April S

Fat Girls Traveling member Lara P on her 50th Birthday receiving her vaccine.

“I had my first Moderna shot on Wednesday. My arm was sore at the injection site and now it’s all good (this happened when I got the Tdap but not the flu shot). I didn’t have any other reactions.” – Carolyn K

*Tdap is a combination vaccine that protects against three potentially life-threatening bacterial diseases.*

“I work at an assisted living and I have had both of my vaccines. I received the Pfizer. After the first one, my arm hurt a tiny bit. After the second one, my arm hurt more and I felt really worn out for about three days but otherwise no side effects.” –Jennifer C

“I had the Oxford vaccine 2 weeks ago. I experienced every side effect except the one they said I would get the high temp! This lasted a day and I felt awful. So glad I wasn’t working that day! The Sunday I was fine except I had a slight numbing in my left arm. Glad I managed to get it.” – Becky L

Fat Girls Traveling member Edith with her vaccine card

“My arm hurt for a couple of days after my first dose of Moderna. After my first dose, my arm hurt so bad the next couple of days, then I was fine. The second shot, I felt okay until the next morning, then it felt like a truck hit me. Fever, chills, headache, spent the whole day napping and chugging water. The next morning, felt completely fine, like it never happened, though my arm was sore again. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! I still wear my mask, follow all the precautions, because my family members aren’t eligible yet.” – Renee V

“I had the Moderna vaccine and just had my second dose last Tuesday. On the first dose, I had a very sore arm at the injection site for about 3 days. The second dose was a little more tricky. No fever but was so tired, aches and chills for about 2 days. Injection site soreness is still there but slowly going away.” – April K

“I work in a hospital. I received my first Pfizer shot three days after it was approved in mid-December and my second one three weeks later. Based on the statistics I’ve read, I was in something like the first 50,000 people in the country to be fully vaccinated, which blows my mind and leaves me immeasurably grateful.

Two days after the first shot, I felt a bit under the weather and laid on the couch watching TV all day. After the second shot, my symptoms were even milder and barely slowed me down. I did have a very sore arm for a couple of days after both ones. After what I’ve seen in the hospital, there is no way I was skipping the vaccine.” – Anonymus

“I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on January 4 and the second dose on January 25. I work in a nursing home and after the first-round, my arm was SORE for like 4 days. I had a bit of muscle aches the second day but nothing terrible. The second dose was much better for me with a sore arm for maybe 12 hours, then nothing after that.” – Jessica S

Jessica receives her COVID 19 vaccine

“I had my first dose of Pfizer 2 weeks ago. I felt tired and a bit feverish for 2 days after the shot but, I’m also recovering from a recent health scare so my experience may have been a little worse because of that. That said, it was not a big deal and I’m so excited to get my second dose next week.” – Kelly W

“I had both doses of Moderna. After the first dose, I had a mild headache and wanted a nap the next day. The second, I had a fever of 100.1 and a significant headache that made me call into work for 1 day. It wasn’t anything some Tylenol and naps couldn’t handle, though. I’d definitely take that over the 62 days my brother spent on life support with Covid any day.” – Melody

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