Playlists to Help Your Mental Health

These playlists will help your mental health. Studies show that music can improve blood flow in ways similar to statins, lower your levels of stress-related hormones like cortisol, and ease pain.

Ever wonder why Christmas music makes you feel nostagic or a romantic song sets the mood? Does blasting a song as loud as it can go help you feel better? It’s because music is a form of therapy, a form that many of us are use to cope.  Listen to one of these playlists and tell us if it impacted your mood.

Fat Girl Dancing

As Mental Health Awareness Month wraps up we wanted to share another resource for you to add to your toolkit of coping strategies. If you’re still wondering how music can help mental health, check out these 10 Health Benefits of Music. Our diagnoses, dance like nobodies watching!


Peaceful Piano

Self Love Affirmations



Daily Affirmations

Know Your Worth Sis

Girl Power

My Confidence Boost

Wow: That’s What I Call Big Girl Energy


90’s Baby

I Love My 90’s R & B

90’s Get Down

If you’re searching for some holiday spirit check out our Holiday Playlists!


Dance Party

Slow Jams

Trust the Process

No Pants Dance Party


We’ll be OK


In The Sheets Playlist

Which of these playlists did you try? Did you like it?

Playlists to Help Your Mental Health

Team Fat Girls

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