Celebrate Joyful Movement: 6 TikTok Creators to Follow

Moving Beyond the Norms

In a fitness world often fixated on weight loss and aesthetics, there’s a refreshing wave of influencers on TikTok promoting a different approach – joyful movement. These six body-positive fitness influencers are trying to redefine the narrative around exercise, emphasizing that moving your body is about feeling good rather than conforming to societal standards.

Bethyred – Embracing Joyful Movement with Self-Love


Can we normalize working out ≠ weight loss/getting ripped?

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Bethyred doesn’t just promote workouts; she champions the joy of moving your body. Her TikTok videos celebrate self-love, encouraging followers to embrace joyful movement to connect with their bodies.

NourishedNatasha- Diversity in Joyful Movement


Take a moment of mindfulness and joyful movement with me every day for the month of August, friends 😌🖤🙏🏻 #yogagirl #yogateacher #plussizeyoga #accessibleyoga #plussize #plussizeedition #yoga

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Natasha showcases workouts that prioritize enjoyment over calorie burn. She encourages followers to find activities that bring them joy, fostering a positive relationship with exercise that goes beyond traditional fitness norms.

FlexwithVera – Breaking Barriers with the Joy of Movement

FlexwithVera is breaking down barriers and describes herself as your fat flexibility coach. Her TikTok content features a variety of exercises designed to make you feel good physically and mentally while increasing your flexibility.

Madisondancelife – Prioritizing Mental Well-being through Joyful Movement

Madison emphasizes the importance of dancing for fun. Join her virtual dance floor and let the joy of movement become a regular part of your self-love journey.

Fringeish – The Positivity of Joyful Movement


I often record my practice to watch my body in motion. For years, I avoided looking at my body. I felt so disconnected from it that it seemed like a human suit I controlled. Although there was a sense of ownership, there was also an inexplicable distance. When I began to reintegrate all the parts of myself, I took the first step by observing myself again. I truly saw myself in entirety and allowed myself to feel everything that came with it. I sat with all the self-talk, which was usually negative, and all the emotions, gradually separating what was mine from what society had imposed on me. It wasn’t easy at first, and even today, it can be challenging to watch my body move. The undulating waves that course through my body as I step back, the jiggles and shimmies as I arch and bend. But I claim it all. It’s all me, and every inch of me is deserving of respect, compassion, and love. Sometimes I struggle to offer myself those things, and that’s okay. I won’t demonize my softness any longer. ___ #fatliberation #riotsnotdiets #radicalselflove #thebodyisnotanapology #riotsnotdiets #effyourbeautystandards

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For Shannon, her channel is all about moving your body to feel good and showcases that through Yoga. On her TikTok, she shows you different poses you can do at home or outside to help you feel good.

HeatherGruberMusic – Dancing Into Joyful Movement

Not only is Heather a singer/songwriter but she’s a Fat Positive Aerial Yoga Teacher too. Her channel not only showcases her singing talents but also her doing aerial movements too.

Embrace the Joy: A New Era of Fitness on TikTok

These six body-positive fitness influencers on TikTok are shifting the focus from weight loss to joyful movement. Embrace the idea that moving your body should be a source of pleasure, a celebration of self-love, and an expression of individuality. If you’re looking for more fat-positive influences to follow, make sure to check out our other lists here. Follow these creators for daily inspiration and a reminder that fitness is about feeling good, enjoying the process, and celebrating the unique joy that comes with moving your body.

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