Airlines to Fly According to Fat Travelers

New Year, new resolutions, and, for many of us, new travel destinations to explore! But the thought of navigating through airports and squeezing into airplane seats can be a source of anxiety, especially for those who identify as fat. To make the travel experience more enjoyable for everyone, we reached out to the incredible community at Fat Girls Traveling to find out which airlines they swear by when it comes to flying comfortably. Keep in mind that these are personal opinions, and experiences may vary. Let this be an inspiration for your next adventure!

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Not every plane or experience is the same

Before we delve into the list of preferred airlines, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these are individual experiences, and not everyone may have the same encounters. Our goal is to share insights and recommendations from the Fat Girls Traveling community as a source of inspiration. Two common tips from our community when talking about flying is if you can try and upgrade to either premium economy or business to do it. That upgrade really makes a difference in your comfort when flying while fat. Additionally, as seatbelt lengths vary, and there is a mix of older airplanes and modern ones, utilize SeatGuru to check out the measurements of the actual airplane itself. This often gives you insight into what seats you should book or what to avoid!

Preferred Airlines to Fly When Fat:

  1. Alaska Airlines: Siobahn from the Fat Girls Traveling community commends Alaska Airlines for its accommodating policy. If you purchase a second seat and the flight isn’t fully booked, Alaska Airlines will refund the cost of that additional seat.
  2. Emirates Airlines: Fat Girls Traveling community members have had positive experiences with Emirates Airlines, known for its luxurious and spacious cabins.
  3. KLM: Miranda J, swears by KLM for its COS (Customer of Size) policy. Not only does KLM offer a 25% discount on a second seat when purchased, but they also reimburse the cost if there’s an empty seat in the same class upon take-off.
  4. Southwest: Southwest Airlines has been a long-standing favorite among the Fat Girls Traveling community, thanks to its COS policy that has been in place for over 30 years. This policy makes flying with Southwest a more comfortable and stress-free experience. Not sure hot to use this policy? Lucky for you, we have a step-by-step guide!
  5. JetBlue: JetBlue is mentioned as one of the preferred airlines by the Fat Girls Traveling community. Known for its customer-friendly approach, JetBlue is recognized for providing a positive flying experience.
  6. Delta: Another airline that receives praise from the community is Delta. Our members appreciate Delta’s overall approach to passenger comfort and recommend upgrading to Delta+ when you can.
  7. Air Canada: What sets Air Canada apart is its inclusive policy, which allows passengers to request an additional seat at no extra cost, further enhancing the airline’s commitment to passenger comfort and inclusivity. This must be done at least 48 hours in advance and will require a medical form to be completed.
  8. Singapore Airlines: For those embarking on long-haul journeys and seeking economy-class seats with ample room and excellent seat width, Singapore Airlines is the ideal choice. Their food is also considered some of the best too!
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Neighbour-Free Seating

Kirsty Leanne, who share some of the most amazing travel content, breaks down another option that some airlines offer to make for a more comfortable flying experience with this unique option:

Navigating the Skies with Confidence

Choosing the right airline can significantly impact the overall travel experience, especially for individuals who may face challenges with traditional seating arrangements. The above recommendations from the Fat Girls Traveling community showcase airlines that go above and beyond to create a more inclusive and comfortable journey for all passengers.

As always, doing your own research and considering personal preferences before making any travel decisions is essential.

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